On January 11 all public institutions had to start their work after winter break. Unfortunately the H1N1 flu conquered the Republic of Armenia. Under the order of the minister of education Mr. Armen Ashotyan all public schools will continue their classes after two weeks, in order to prevent the spread of the disease. Nevertheless the classes of universities will not be postponed as this disease will not affect people of that age group. This statement was made again by Mr. Ashotyan, nonetheless the immunity of university students against this disease is not proven. Which made some concern among students and their parents. During the time when H1N1 dieases invaded the Republic of Armenia several people ended up dying or are in a very hard situation. The minimum actions were indeed made by the government by postponing the classes of schools. Although as the Armenian medical department has vague information about this disease the minimum actions are not enough. Checking points in crowded places need to be put, like metros, university museums etc. People must be well aware about the symptoms and how to reduce the chances of becoming ill. As the government of Armenia failed to make people aware about this information I will try to fully explain and help people to fight against it.
§ What are the symptoms of the Novel H1N1 flu?
#sore throat
#muscle aches
#quick onset of symptoms
#fever greater than 38 degrees Celsius
§What can I do to reduce my chances of becoming ill?
±Overall keeping a healthy lifestyle will help to minimize the chances of becoming ill. You should aim to:
#get normal rest (8 hours)
#eat healthy food (include fruits and vegetables)
#exercise regularly

This is the minimum information that each citizen has to know, of course, further you can get further information by visiting the nearest hospital to your house.

Ayvazyan Albert




The website, causing a reset of smartphones, “crushed” under the influx of visitors.


Site crashsafari.com (not recommended to open on a smartphone), which causes errors on iOS and Android-based tablets and smartphones, stopped working under the influx of visitors.
Once the user visits the crashsafari.com, a small script begins to add in his browser thousands of characters, filling the RAM. From multiple repetitions of the same command smartphone overheats which eventually causes the reboot of the device.
Similar errors occur on Android-based smartphones despite the name ‘crashsafari’ (Safari is an Apple-based web browser). After 20 seconds, OC Google device noticeably heats up and then stops responding to user commands. Shutting the browser isn’t always the solution; it requires rebooting. The site is causing the problems also on desktop browsers, but PC and Mac cope better with such situations, and restart is usually not required.
Crashsafari.com was registered on April 29, 2015, and in the records of Whois site owner isn’t indicated. On January 25 the link crashsafari.com gained viral popularity of social networking.
Twitter users used URL shorteners and other ways to lure their readers to crashsafari.com, for example, claiming that rapper Kanye West’s new album leaked and is already available online.


According to the numbers of transitions, the victims of this site are more than 100 thousand people.
A similar bug netizens discovered on May 27. It allows you to restart an iPhone by sending a particular set of characters via iMessage or SMS.

Natalie Adulyan

Zika Virus a Big Threat for Brazil’s Summer Olympics Visitors?

Thousands of infants in Brazil are being diagnosed with birth defects and according to some medical researchers; it is believed that these defects are heavily linked with the Zika virus. These babies are being born with abnormally small heads which can lead to underdeveloped brain, hearing problems and weak eye sight.  Through observing these severe cases, now medical specialist are taking serious approaches towards the Zika virus and is heavily questioning on chance of spreading throughout the globe after Brazil’s 2016 Summer Olympic games. According to a scholar at Oxford University, “Infected travelers departing from Brazil are expected to return to regions that have the potential to sustain transmission, so the international spread of the virus might increase substantially due to higher activity of mosquitoes.” Some people are having second thoughts about traveling to Brazil to watch the Olympics which will lead to a disappointed Olympic experience for the hosting country. Moreover, it is believed that more than a million people in Brazil are infected with this virus but around eighty percent of the cases, any kind of symptoms are not appearing. However the symptoms are believed to be mild such as a fever or a rash. According to the New York Times, “Mario Andrada, a spokesman for the Rio Olympics organizing committee, said that there had been no discussions about canceling the Games or moving them to another city because of Zika. He added that teams were reviewing Olympic venues daily to eliminate problems like stagnant water where mosquitoes can breed. He said officials were also seeking to work on the “psychological aspect” of athletes being fearful about getting Zika by guaranteeing a supply of mosquito repellent and by keeping teams from every nation informed about the virus.”

So is it worth traveling to Brazil for the Olympics?

Source: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/01/29/world/americas/brazil-zika-rio-olympics.html?_r=0rio_new

Student Creative Writing Competition

Yesterday, AUA Students, Faculty, and Staff got an email from President Armen Der Kiureghian confirming that AUA is going to participate in a creative writing competition announced by Arditi Foundation.

Metin Arditi is the founder of the Arditi Foundation for Intercultural Dialogue. Last year, on November 4th, he had a presentation on creative writing in AUA. According to the Swiss writer (born in Ankara), the author should put himself or herself in the shoes of all his characters. During the writing process, the author should detach himself from the reality to precisely describe it.

What are the ways to achieve this difficult goal and what are the difficulties to be faced? What are the rewards of writing fiction (except fame and fortune)? Those were the questions I wanted to get the answers to. But… instead of listening to the presentation about creative writing, I was present at the informative/ promotional event. This raised a lot of questions during the event. Mr. Arditi talked about the student creative writing competition and provided info on the prompt of the essay and what are the prizes for the winners.

Two students, an Armenian and Turkish, meet at Geneva University in 2025. How do they communicate? What background or story do they have? How do they share it with each other?

The very interesting point in the prompt was that students could not mention Armenian Genocide though Mr. Arditi recognized the Armenian Genocide. Art was not political according to him. Many questions appeared in my head. How can we write such an essay skipping the historical fact, which is the part of every Armenian’s identity? If art is not political, then why the conversation takes place between Armenian and Turkish? What are the consequences of skipping the Armenian Genocide in the essays?

I hope there are some changes made in the format of this competition. If there are, then the thing seems interesting. Wishing good luck to all the participants!

Oscar Leo


Leonardo DiCaprio that had a diverse career, is a well known actor. Many people  will probably associate his name with great movies like Titanic, Inception, Shutter Island, Great Gatsby, but recently precisely since 2011,the appearnace of an article on E! about the lack of Leo’s Oscars made a beginning for lots of memes. He has been nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor three times, but never won it.
Considering me, he is one of the best actors with or wihout any awards. So, it is not that he has not been worthy anytime or he has failures as a human being or as an actor. It is an undeniable fact that the movies where Leo acted, have been mostly succeeded. And yes Leonardo Dicaprio is a big part of this success.
Look for some real reasons, why he doens’t get any award despite his great work in so many movies, I came across 2 main reasons.
First off, may be because he is being nominaed in the years where better movies are done. For example in the year of Blood Diamond, he lost to Forrest Whitaker in the movie The Last King of Scotland.
The second possible reason is that Oscar is a little dieren than other movie awards, I mean the Academy tends not to give Oscars that quickly to young actors.
After all, his time will come, but as he has mentioned in one of the inerviews creating the art of cinema is the ultimate goal.
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Yeva Vardumian

#OscarsSoWhite: The Complete Picture

The hashtag #OscarsSoWhite was trending these days as people around the world were expressing their dissatisfaction that for the second year in a row no actors of color were nominated in the top categories. From major news agencies to twitter users, everybody had something to say about this. Most of the outrage and accusations were aimed at The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which announced the nominations on January 14. While others viewed this occurrence as just a part of a larger issue, claiming that Academy’s nominations were just a natural outcome of a film industry, which is highly conservative when it comes to casting actors of color. Well, if one takes a look at the recent history of Oscar nominations it turns that the two standpoints are just different sides of one coin. The fact that Hollywood is predominantly white is indisputable. However, the films or performances by black directors and actors that received Academy’s attention over the years, were no less restricted. Films like “The Help”, “Selma” and “12 Years a Slave” were huge successes and earned multiple awards, including Oscars, to black actors and directors. Here is what was so special about them. In “The Help”, the main character is an African-American maid in a white family going through hardships, “Selma” tells a story of Martin Luther King and “12 Years a Slave” is about slavery. Noticing the tendency? All of these movies tell a story of blacks as representatives of the “other” because this is the way blackness is still rooted in America’s collective consciousness. In contrast, movies that are not dealing with racism but include performances by black actors, do not seem to receive much attention. An example for this is the movie “Creed”, which was written and directed by a black artist and starred a black actor but the only one to receive a nomination was Sylvester Stallone.

The 2797-year-old City or The Capital Older than Rome

In October 2015, Armenians celebrated the 2797th anniversary of their beloved capital city, Yerevan. Interestingly, that ancient city looks too young for its age. Most of the buildings and houses are no more than 70 years old: some of them are even brand-new and still empty. One can hardly find any cobblestone streets there. However, there are some old and rustic houses which are more than 100 years old, but unfortunately they are gradually being destroyed.

On Jan. 18, 2016, one of the old buildings located in the downtown of Yerevan was destroyed before one could bat an eyelid. The building which does not exist anymore was located at 30 Arami Street and often reminded people of their childhood or simply of old Yerevan.

Unfortunately, that is not the first time when a historical building is destroyed. During the Soviet era, Yerevan was famous for its extraordinary corn-shaped building or so called Kukuruznik and it caught the attention of tourists. But it was also destroyed since it caught too much of the authorities’ attention. The poor children of Yerevan are left without circus after it was destroyed: luckily, the animals of the Yerevan Zoo have not died yet, so children can go there to see some animals. Yerevan was one of the cities that had a funicular railway: but it just was.

Armenians are happy that they still have several old buildings in their capital city such as the Opera Theater, National Gallery, some 60-year-old buildings at Republic square and some small old houses. Hopefully, those building will not be destroyed. Perhaps, in several years nobody will believe that Yerevan is older than Rome because it has Colosseum while Yerevan is left with some worthless modern buildings. Therefore, the Armenians will have to demand other countries to recognize the 2800th anniversary of Yerevan besides recognizing the Armenian Genocide.   1621804_648569898534440_59345036_n