When “THEY” come!

Do they exist in the first place, maybe, maybe not? If they don’t, well and well. If they do, here is a basic guide on how to survive an alien invasion.

First thing you’ll need is “the supplies”, these supplies can vary depending upon your location or the environment. Supplies such as fire starters, torch lights, tents, water and canned foods are the most basic of all, irrespective of the location. Never go into a city, which is the last place one wants to hide in. Next “Camouflage”, yes the invaders will clearly have a superior technology in detecting the human life, but it is suggested to consider the technique in order to make it difficult for them. “Fitness”, this is the key, because without this all those skills and utensils that you possess can be useless. Suggest one to work on their cardio especially, already. “Allies”, friends or family or even someone one can trust on, is a necessity. Post apocalypse or pre apocalypse, social life matters and can make the difference in survival. Finally, “You”, it has to start with you. Composure, sharpness, leadership, instincts and initiative, the one who possess them has a better shot at redemption.

This may all never be enough in the first place, I mean come on, and they are here using a technology that we can only imagine. But still along with little bit of faith, hope and those basic survival skills, you may live to fight to claim back what is yours.


A “Fandom”? What is it?

As teens, the majority of us watch movies/tv shows, read books and listen to music. And if one really likes a specific book and gets interested in the opinions, fan theories and art of fans of that book, then he or she enters the fandom of that book.

What is a fandom? According to Urban Dictionary, it is “The community that surrounds a tv show/movie/book etc. Fanfiction writers, artists, poets, and cosplayers are all members of that fandom. Fandoms often consist of message boards, livejournal communities, and people.” The word itself has derived from the word “fan” and “dom”, as in “kingdom”.

Everything is more clear when a specific example is provided. According to an article by The Richest, Harry Potter series’ fandom is  the third most popular in the world, after Hunger Games and Game of Thrones. It consists of seven books, first of which was published in 1997, and eight movies, with first one released in 2001. Also, the writer of the books, J. K. Rowling, has launched a site called Pottermore, where she releases the new information about Potterverse (Potter universe). The Potter Fandom is going to also have a play and a movie to be added up this year.

Oh and by the way, Harry Potter fans call themselves “Potterheads”. Rumor has it, this fandom is one of the most twisted and fun to be in. Trust me, I’ve been on Tumblr.


Rimma Ananian


HOORAY He finally did that, he won that Oscar. After all these years, after being nominated for five times, he got the award. All his fans were awake the whole night to see him as a winner. Leonardo DiCaprio, congratulations from all the people who were impatiently waiting for this event.
Some people even say that he should not be won the Oscar of that particular role that he played on The Revenant; that was not his best role. They say that he should have won the award for his previous roles.
To tell the truth, it is kind of sad, not because Leonardo did not deserve, but because there won’t be any funny memes anymore. Every time on Facebook there were new and creative memes of him.

These memes were the source of laughter and smile. Unfortunately, today they became extinct.
In my opinion, those memes were sometimes cruel and maybe too much. You start to think that the only desire the actor has is to get that award. It is possible that he did not even care. But still they were very popular and entertaining.

Also, DiCaprio put lots of effort in his role. Not every actor would agree to shoot in a place where the temperature is not above of -30.

Nevertheless, Congratulation once again DiCaprio, you deserved the award.
Now, we have to wait for another actor or actress for creating new funny memes.

Meri Hovnanyan

6th blog post


According to the Cambridge online dictionary the definition of the word generation is “All the ​people of about the same ​age within a ​society or within a ​particular ​family”. Moreover, people who belong to the same generation most of the times have a lot of in common with each other, share same interest, ideas, customs, and tend to have the same traits. From time-to-time, these common things are subjected to change and such changes create strong difference between new and old generations. The strong difference among generations has existed from immemorial times. However, millennial generation has its own uniqueness. The difference between millennial generation from other generations is that this generation can be considered as a global one which none of the previous ones’ could not be considered. Living in the Age of Information, information is transmitting throughout the world very quickly or at the same time. The reason of this progress was the cause of the progress happened in the digital industry, which in his place creates a knowledge-based society. Thus, the millennial generation is the first Global generation that broke most of the distinctions between people who represent different cultures, nations.

The globalization had its own impact on the generation y or as it is also known on Millennia’s. The Millennia’s are the first organized generation of the new era. In the article “Generation Y – Re-shaping our workforce“ there is given a good description for the Millennia’s which is that ”Gen Y share different backgrounds, beliefs, values and ethnicities, whilst exhibiting varied perceptions to elements, which affect their general way of life.” This is due to their ancestry, or the way in which their respective societies have evolved over time with internal and external influences to their heritage and customs.” In the article, this was explained by the phenomena that this generation shares events at rapid pace that happen at the same time. Millennia’s have a great tendency to share their own ideas, views, opinions on social media platforms and by doing these, they create discussions about political and social topics on the Internet. This in his case helps the person who shares his views to find its supporters on the internet and to get organized with them into the large group. The Arab Spring, #ElectricYerevan, were the effect of the discussion on the internet.



Women’s Clothing, a Choice or a Restriction!

“Look at this girl’s clothes, she’s definitely a prostitute.”

“I can’t understand why these women put on hijab, they are mental.”

These, and many others, are words that women would daily hear because of their choice of clothing. No matter what women choose to wear, they are always judged. Women in some Arabic countries are required to cover their heads, even if she doesn’t want to. Women in western countries are mocked when they put on hijab, even when that is her free choice. It is never justified to limit women clothing freedom, be it banning or imposing hijab. What is only justified is ‘NOTHING’. Clothing is matter of choice, and women should not be judged for or limited from practicing this freedom.

Many times I hear phrases like “Women should respect our culture and dress accordingly”. Personally, I think that this phrase is pretty offensive. Like people should respect and give more importance to cultures and traditions than to women’s freedom? While cultures are very important and beautiful part of each country’s uniqueness, they may sometimes restrict people’s freedom. If a women doesn’t want to cover her hear, no one can force her to. If a woman wants to cover her hair, no one should judge her for doing so.

What I really want to see is a world where nobody wants to change the others so they all be the same. I want to see open mindedness, people accepting and appreciating each other’s differences, even if they don’t agree or understand it. That’s how humans should live together.



New Style of Qatar’s Sheikha: No Hijab

Qatar’s third Emir, sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, lets her second wife take off her hijab and wear ordinary on her own style. She not only wears with her own style but also takes part in state affairs.

Mozah bin Nasser Al Misshed is the sheikha of Qatar, who manages to dress very stylish and look elegant, besides the fact that she has seven children. She is considered as one of the most stylish first-ladies in the world. Her story is similar to other common stories of arabian wives, but she became famous with her style and trendy looks.

Sheikha Moza became famous while attending various charity events/programs. Her unique style is eye-catching because all other Arabian women (mainly in Qatar) wear hijab. They even close their whole face leaving only eyes open. Moza managed to dress well without hijab but also saved the humble image of Arabian women.

She prefers to wear clothes of different style. She often wears dresses designed by Russian designer Uliana Sergeenko. Moza wears only a turban, which she also tries to make more stylish by variety of colors and styles. She can be noticed even wearing trousers. She is free with her choice concerning clothes.  5

Moza is often criticized by the her nation because the economical situation of the country is not as good as it must be. They often blame her for wearing expensive clothes. They think that if she wants to improve something, then she can spend more money for her nation not for clothes. As sheikha and state representative, she does really hard work in various spheres. She opened her own funds and raised lots of money for solving different problems of the state.


However, 54-year-old sheikha looks really great. Her treatment towards her appearance is important, because being a famous person, who is always on camera, must look nice and stylish. You can see some of her looks below.





Section B
Week 6
Anna Khachatryan

The Idea behind the Game

The 21st century brought many new inventions and ideas among which we, the youth, find new technology the most attractive one. I doubt that the next generation will prefer playing in the yard with friends rather than play video games. But what did change in this short amount of time that people suddenly felt as if playing alone with a screen is more fun than with actual human beings? This is where the new inventions come to bring us all back to the core meaning and fun we get when playing with friends.


The most famous and fun games to play right now are the board games.These games help us improve our creative thinking skills and make two or more players get to know each other without actually talking. One of the latest board games called Ayl Kerp is created by Sofya Khachatryan and some of her friends. According to RepatArmenia (http://repatarmenia.org/eng/), Sofya Khachatryan was born in Armenia, but moved to Russia at a very young age. Later she decided that she should get her higher education in homeland and moved back. After graduating from Slavonic university majoring in Programming, she moved back to Kazakhstan to live with her family. Finally, in 2007 she came to Yerevan with a goal to start something new in her homeland with a certain ideas of making big changes. After being so far away from Armenian people, she felt disconnected. That is when she decided to create this game.

“The relationship between Armenia and the Diaspora is something simply symbolic, because the difference is huge between the two. This is the reason I decided to do something that connects both. Thus my friends and I created Ayl Kerp, which is the brand of our company and the name of the latest game,” says Sofya.

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Marina Babayan