IOS 9.3, what have we missed?

Days ago millions of iPad/iPod/iPhone owners had updated their Apple products into the newest version of its operational system. Its beta version was available from the begging of 2016, and now the real version became available too.

No major differences were noticed. Two things can be viewed as differences between IOS 9.2 and IOS 9.3. are the “Nightshift” and the opportunity to add a password on a note to close it.Night-Shift-iOS-9.3-beta-2-1024x898.png

Something about “Nightshift.”Night Shift automatically changes the blue color, that we get from the sun during the day, to red which is close to the sunsets. When we can not sleep, we are grabbing our smartphones and begin to scroll through our Facebook or other social platform newsfeeds. It is bad for sleep and still the question “whether the appearance of mode Night Shift is harmful” does not have a correct answer. Apple engineers think that it is. It may be that we have solved the problem with the production of melatonin, but there are still a few problems.

Firstly, the emergence of regime Night Shift iPhone owners might be perceived as encouraging the use of a smartphone or tablet in bed. However, to maintain good sleep hygiene should abandon things distracting your brain. Experts even recommend not to stay in bed in the bedroom for longer than 20 minutes if you do not sleep. On the one hand, it helps you keep working or chatting while have not gone deeper in your dreams and work on improving its quality, on the other hand – they force you to use your smartphone before bedtime.Secondly, what is happening on the screen of your smartphone, it distracts our brain much more than an art book. Alert, the tape of social networks, games, and so violate our peace and quiet – this is exactly what we need before going to bed. For this reason, many experts recommend an hour before going to bed to completely abandon the use of electronic devices. This, of course, it is tough for many, but it is much more useful than using Mode Night Shift.

Now, as you have already updated your IOS, you may decide yourself “whether the appearance of mode Night Shift is harmful.”

– Gohar Aznauryan
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Healthy Body = Healthy Mind

.(Originally Written for Persuasive Writing Class. Just had to share it.)

As being someone who exercised from an early age I am inclined to think that exercising contributes to not only a healthy mind but also to a healthy lifestyle. To set aside scientific terminology, it suffices to say that when exercising hard enough; natural hormones and substances are being released in your brain; which in their turn are being converted into chemicals. This helps your brain to function better. So is “Dumb Jocks” something we would like to continue saying? I’m starting off to believe that muscular lads are the ones with the functional brain. Will you believe me, if I tell you, “Bigger Muscle, Smarter Brain?” No need to suspect what I’m saying, because my study shows that a fit body results into a fit mind. At least, when it regards to myself; that is the situation. It has helped me remember more efficiently along with helping me overcome my depression.

Since I have started to exercise every other day, my brain is functioning under 100 MPH compared to before. It is like seeing the world on a whole other level. Kind of felt like, I switched places with Bradley Cooper while he was staring in the movie “Limitless.” It was like I had a superpower-like ability. As I am not the only one saying this, studies show that exercising leads to the cure of mild or moderate depression. The effect is as good as antidepressants, minus the side effects. The process which takes place that solves the problem of depression is that, while trying to impress a girl at the gym, or trying to get your summer body on, your body starts to produce a protein called, “Nerve Growth Factor Beta” this benefits for nerves cells which your brain really needs. Nerve cells are the ones that transfer feelings like pain, temperatures and everything else your body physically feels. The way this nerve growth protein works is when it binds to its receptors which start sending off signals to open up a pathway inside the cell. For example, as I workout my arms till they physically failed and dropped the dumbbell on my leg, I felt the pain more highlighted and “clearly”. The reason is because of the Nerve Growth Factor that my body produces while working out. If I had dropped the dumbbell on my leg before my workout session, I might have not even felt the pain as much. But thanks to my commitment to working out, I had no other choice but to drag the pain with me for a couple of days. Once you know how your mind benefits from working out, you will feel all these actions taking place in your head. Kind of like, having an eagle eye inside your brain; witnessing everything that goes on.

Every sweat drop, every single heavy breath that I took, every single muscle pain I have had till this day ever since I started to work out was worth it. Besides the feeling that doses of nicotine are being extracted from my body along with milligrams of sweat, working out made me feel less depressed. The reason of me feeling that way is because of natural chemicals like Serotonin, which your body produces while working out. It belongs to the protein family, which starts its conversion process with tryptophan which is like the supporter to proteins. Tryptophan then mixes with tryptophan hydroxyl and then, the combination of these “couples” form the baby, which they have named, Serotonin. Now that you know what Serotonin is, the understanding process of why I feel joyful and active is clearer. Oh, and also why my days pass very in a hyper manner and full of excitement. My days are more functional now that I don’t get depressed and feel more functional.

Let my examples and experience lead you to a smarter and happier life. As helping out will not only get you some looks, but also will emotionally and mentally make you a much more balanced person.

Branding Armenia

On April 24th Nobel winner Elie Weisel and actor George Clooney will be in Armenia. They will give the prize for exceptional humanitarian work to one of the four nominees. Again, Armenia will be in the center of attention, but now from different angle.

Idea Foundation project found the formula of perfect angle of presenting and branding of Armenia and Armenian Genocide. We suffered a lot, but won the sorrow. We are great nation, we have great history and equally great present. These are the messages they send to the world. Overcoming does not mean forgetting. They effectively transformed the conflict.001_finalists_1200x480.jpeg

Armenia becomes qualified to decide who is the most humanitarian in the world. It cooperates with the most respected Nobel Prize laureates, intellectuals. Name of our country emerges next to stars like George Clooney.

“The Aurora Prize Laureate will be honored with a US $100,000 award. In addition, that individual will have the unique opportunity to continue the cycle of giving by selecting an organization that inspired their work to receive a US $1,000,000 grant.”

Aurora Prize project was inspired from 100Lives project, which gathers stories of Genocide survivors and their families.

Armenia and creativity: Our children

 Creativity, imagination starts from childhood. Creativity is being able to think of new ideas. To help children become creative we need to foster their natural curiosity and sense of adventure. Children are like sponges that can absorb new information easily, and a child that is curious is going to go out of his way to learn new things. The more things that children find interesting, the easier it will be for them to make new connections between them and come up with new ideas. One of the most popular ways of sparking creativity is through cartoons and animated movies. American children grow up watching so much of them; cartoons though which they get an undersatding about life, family and friends. In cartoons everything is possible, and a creative mind is constantly open for the consumption of such films. Sadly something I noticed in Armenia, is that we don’t have Armenian mult-films for Armenian children. I think this field should defiantly gain more attention in the following few years, because this is an absolute requirement in raising a healthy, smart, imaginative kid, who will use this skills in his/her adult life. If you follow the movie theaters of Armenia, you will notice that there are no Armenian translations of films. They are only in Russian, and luckly now English is gaining popularity. According to statistics: The Russian language lost its statute of a second mother tongue and was classified as a foreign language, after changes in the educational system. All these factors brought forth changes of the language functioning structure in real time conditions.


I went into the movie theater to watch this exact movie with my little brother (luckily he knows Russian because of one of his parents), but in the theater, to my surprise,  there were barely any kids. Russian is a new language for most Armenian children, meaning they don’t understand it well enough at an early age. This results in them not watching these films, and never reaching their potential of the creation of a creative mind. And that is why our population is so dull and unimaginative.


Boaty McBoatface, Pingu, or Usain Bolt?

Last Sunday, a poll website, set up by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) to help name their new polar ship, crashed under the weight of people trying to cast their votes. The excitement is mostly around the fact that the poll lets Internet users add their own suggestions. Everyone is rooting for guest-added Boaty McBoatface, now topping the charts with a whopping 99,284 votes.

Other options include Pingu, the ‘nooting’ cartoon penguin, Usain ‘Boat’, the Olympic athlete, and It’s Bloody Cold Here, which probably needs no further explaining. There are, of course, more mature options to choose from, but as anyone who has been on the Internet can tell you, people online do not care about maturity at all.

Why experts are thinking to overrule this choice is beyond me

After all, who can forget the infamous Dub the Dew online poll, where users were invited to name a limited edition Mountain Dew drink. Hitler Did Nothing Wrong soared to first place as the Internet banded together to ruin Mountain Dew’s marketing campaign. My personal favourite was Diabeetus, which was sadly stuck as fourth in the charts.

Nevertheless, NERC has had a much more positive experience than the soft drink company, and has gotten quite a lot of publicity over the whole ordeal. Almost all major news organizations have run stories on the poll, raising awareness of both the new polar ship and the expeditions that await it, and of the NERC in general.

The reason for the positivity in this particular poll could be attributed to the fact that the NERC is a British organization. Not to be stereotypical, but the British seem to have a slightly different way with humour, which is probably what saved this internet poll from becoming Dub the Dew Part 2.

After all, one has to be truly British to appreciate the name RRS Big Metal Floaty Thingy-Thing.


If you want to spend the next 15 minutes trying not to giggle, head over to and see more gems like What Iceberg?, Boatback Mountain and Titanic 2: The Revenge.

This piece of quality entertainment brought to you by Seda Manucharyan, Section B

Farewell, THE Keeper

Roman+Berezovsky+Republic+Ireland+v+Armenia+Gqme1xv2RUjlThe long time leading goalkeeper of the Armenian National Football team, Roman Berezovsky, made his final appearance in it during a friendly match with Belarus on March 25. He played for the first eight minutes, after which he left the field, giving the captain’s armband to Henrikh Mkhitaryan.

Having been a part of the national team for 19 years, Berezovsky has appeared in 94 matches for it, including the one on March 25. His club career ended last year when he retired from FC Dynamo Moscow. He subsequently assumed the position of a goalkeeper coach within that club.

One notable accomplishment of his related to his club career is that he is currently the record holder for most penalty kick saves in  the history of Russian and USSR championships, with 14 saves in total. He is also one of 28 members of the symbolic Lev Yashin Club (named after the legendary Soviet goalkeeper Lev Yashin), which consists of current and former Russian or Soviet championship goalkeepers that have achieved 100 or more clean sheets (matches with opponents scoring no goals) in their professional careers. He has 107.

Berezovsky has performed remarkably well in the national team, being credited with saving the team in extremely tough situations on multiple occasions. He is revered by Armenian football fans, often considered the greatest Armenian goalkeeper ever. His masterful guardianship of the Armenian goals will certainly be missed by many.



Davit Asatryan

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Hope Propagandist


Robert Montgomery, a Scottish poet, created a new artistic category and put poetry into another level. He thinks that it’s an obligation to critique what is bad and it is a moral obligation to spread hope. That’s why, he puts pieces of poetry into different formats to make more visually available for people.

Montgomery even started a campaign called “Pay with a poem,” which encourages the customers to pay with poetry for the coffee in cafes around the world. He gathers all the poetry from people in order to make art from them.

As I could notice that I was not the only who got inspired from his works.They became quotes appearing in selfies, walls and people’s clothes. There are some people who even tattooed the quotes on their bodies. “Getting institutional recognition is great, but someone getting tattooed is such a personal compliment. My studio is gathering some of the tattoo examples. After all, the goal of art is, for me, to communicate our innermost feelings to strangers.” -Robert Montgomery

Not everything went smooth with this new type of art and there was an occasion that Montgomery had issues with the law. “But I got into a conversation about literature and one of [the police officers] was really engaged with it. I guess it was a lucky experience. I think most people wouldn’t be averse to having a poem at the end of street instead of another Diet Coke ad.”

Here are some of the works of this amazing artist. I love them all.