Being a reporter is cool.

I am always worried about the image journalists have in our society. There is a tendency of not trusting to journalists; thinking of them as the ones who need sensation and is ready to do everything just to get out of people what they want. True, there are such journalists, whom I myself is afraid of. They are the consequence of lack of proper education and wrong priorities established in the newsroom. Still, there is no space for generalization; we do have professional journalism in Armenia. There are professional journalists, who fight to know the truth and know how to present results ethically. It is important for people to realize the importance of journalism in society and start trusting to journalists their issues ad stories.

Independent Armenia is a start up, that is failing, at least for now. Still, it has a future; hopefully bright future, with sustainable state and healthy governmental system. Free press and responsible journalists are essential to watch out the development of Armenia, as citizens must know about each  step made.

Coming back to trust, literacy will save the future of journalism. If people know how to work with the reporter, what to expect from them and newsroom related nuances, they will figure out easier which infromation source is trustable.

Minimum, what this course has done is discovered for students the work of journalists. Does not matter, will they stay in media world or not, now they know how it works. Hopefully, each student from the class can be a citizen journalist, notice injustice aroung herself and find the way to report about it. But, I would be really happy if I see students from our journalism course becoming good journalists, media theorists, researchers or editors.

Being a reporter is cool.

With Love,




And It’s Over…

And it’s over… The last blog… The final thoughts. Throughout this months, I have experienced a lot of things from Journalism class. As soon as I am from BAB, it was a little bit strange for me to have a class with E & C students. During first weeks, I had some difficulties of writing a weekly blog. But later it became easier. Writing a weekly blog post pushed me to check the news every day to find that special article about which I should write. Every time I tried to find the most interesting article to have an interesting appeal among my blog readers. Despite writing my blogs, I also read the others’ blogs. I found a lot of interesting information from my classmates’ blogs. Besides writing weekly blogs the journalism course itself gave me a lot of things. First of all, thanks to this course I saw the “other side of a coin.” To be honest, I imagined the journalism a bit different, easier. But throughout the course, i understood how difficult and responsible journalism is. I am sure that in the future, I will use the knowledge that I got from journalism course to solve a certain problem. Despite giving me knowledge, the journalism course gave me new friends. Thank you, Mrs. Titizian.

Davit Arakelyannational_thank_you_day

A Non-Dramatic Title

I am pleased to say that the Intro to Journalism course turned out to be more informative and useful than I could have expected!

Frankly, before this course, news-reading was just not my thing; it would take somebody a lot of effort to get me to actually read a news article. Throughout the course, I gradually came to the realization that news-reading is a necessity, especially if you want to keep up with today’s fast-moving world.

While doing research in order to write hard news articles, I saw how differently the same information can be presented. Very often, contrasting statements can be given about the same topic by different news sources, and, more frequently, certain facts can be presented from varying perspectives, with particular moods and through different words; and that, in turn, can make the audience’s perception of the news different. That is why if one wants to get a true and unbiased view on an occurrence or a subject, and be able to convey the news to others objectively, one should do some research exploring various versions of the given news. So, I learned for myself that I should not believe everything I read/see/hear, because, frustratingly enough, throughout the period of the last three months, I came across a few cases where information was being provided incorrectly even by some authoritative news sources.

Moving forward, while writing the weekly blog posts, I learned of ways to make news interesting to read by, first, thinking of a hooking title that also sums up the article because there really is no sense in making the reader have a particular expectation about the article from its title, and then, while reading, realize that the title does not fit the content. Second, it is very important for the article to be structured in a way that will keep the reader interested until the very last word; there already are a plenty of boring articles out there.

Now, all of this may sound too general, but that is what I did learn in the result of the course; at least I think I did.

The Imaginary Clown Made The Girl Kill Her Stepmother

In the US state of Indiana 12-year-old girl, had killed his stepmother Maria Torres. The crime is committed on the orders of an imaginary clown, as WSBT22 channel reported. The incident took place in July of this year, but it just became known to us.

The report says, that the girl killed his stepmother with a knife. During interrogation it was found out that clown Laughing Jack prompted the girl to commit the crime. This clown is known as one of the characters on website

According to the judicial investigation, the teenager diagnosed dissociative identity disorder (multiple personality disorder). It was diagnosed by three doctors at once. Furthermore, two of them found symptoms of PTSD. It turned out that shortly before the committing the crime, the girl begged her father for help.

According to psychiatrists, criminal, juvenile judge is not possible, it must first be sent for treatment in a psychiatric institution. However, 16 hospitals refused to accept the patient. Now she is in jail for children.


Happy memories

I did not know anything about journalism before today, and that was very frustrating. I always was very interested in this sphere but I have never had a chance to learn something about it.

Learning more about journalism helped me blogging, because only in this place I was able to write about my emotions, feelings. I have never read news and I did not know anything about what is happening in the world. I suppose that blogging was very useful for me because when I stared writing blogs I had to read interesting articles got essential information from there and be aware of breaking news in every sphere of life. I understand that if you are living in this planet you have to know about it and try to provide some solutions for the issues that have emerged over time and are essential.

Thus, I think that blogging and journalism had very important educational context for me. Presently all my dreams come true, because now I have enough knowledge to take an interview from someone and write an article about it: that was my dream since now. Thus, I understand that journalism can help people to discover the truth.

Thank you very much Dear Professor for giving an opportunity to take you class.

Anahit Otaryan

Section B


The session dedicated to writing blogs is about to finish. I seem to have almost mastered the techniques and the structure of this part of journalism and feel to be a part of the most extreme and the hottest presentation of the latest news.

We started writing blogs couples of months ago, and since then have experienced it in different spheres of our everyday life. The news related to both political and sport lives of our society were actual and significant for the period submitted.

Blog writing is a specific type of journalism, which makes the writer hunt for the recent material trying to get the top of interest on the part of a reader. It does make the young journalist go hand in hand with the current time and represent the hot topics to see the overall mood in the society.

The given course has been beneficial for me in teaching laconic way of expressing myself and developing skills of logical analyses.

Journalism itself is a unique branch, which combines quite various spheres of life: politics, art, business and sport. It has taught me to find balance in being expressive, controlling emotions at the same time; it has taught me how to be psychologist penetrating into the inner world of a character discussed and at the same time to remain neutral while presenting his story.


Ramina Mekhakyan

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Time is now ripe for the last blog!

Time is now ripe for the last blog! I never wrote in any blogs before taking Intro to Journalism class. So, for me it was a new, interesting and important experience. Believe me, the most difficult part of all blogs was choosing the topic. Probably, that is why this blog post is being written so easily.

I found out that blog posting can be a very fun thing, if you know what to write about. Topics are much more in number than the living people on the Earth. That is why e can write about numerous things. So, it is important to write the topics in a way that can apply to everybody. I also felt important while posting on TheCriticalSpace because I knew that my posts were going to be read.

Now let me write about the change that Intro to Journalism course has made in my life. Approximately a year ago, I was a girl who never read news. I read books, articles on famous journals like New Yorker, but never news. Or if to be more exact – rarely I read news. My news source was mainly my Dad, who always told me, “Girl, you need to read news.” However, last summer after Electric Yerevan event, I started to follow the news on CivilNet. Later I started follow international news on Fox News and The New York Times. From September till December, I took Media and Society course, which taught me the concept of media literacy and also to distinguish between reliable news and “garbage” news.

In January I ended up studying Journalism. Of course it is just an introductory course: however, Maria Titizian, the instructor, who is one of the greatest journalists you may ever meet, has taught me everything one needs to have a deep understanding about journalistic writing as well as media ethics and literacy.

Intro to journalism class has been the most practical class this semester. I have taken so much from it. I do not know if I will become a journalist, but I have been given enough knowledge to become. So, the choice is up to me.

Margarita Nahapetyan

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