It’s All About Feeling

When defining human developmental stages, one of the professors of my psychology class randomly brought up, in a sense, a simple statement – aggression is not always a bad thing.  It seemed to me apparent as it may seem to, I believe, mostly anyone reading this. It was one of the neutral and “always true” (as I often call them) phrases that one can use whenever they don’t know how to satisfy the essay word count: “The X thing as well as the Y thing, or as everything else in the world is not constantly good or bad.”  “When you’re waiting for a bus, and there are also plenty of other people gathered across the station waiting for the same bus” began my professor, “your aggression drives you to quickly get on your bus as soon as it arrives, so you will manage to be among those who will either get a sit or catch the bus, or the both.” It’s pretty fine, isn’t it? But I went further, I thought, what if our anger, our emotional instability should not even be considered bad in our everyday life. Of course, one will counter me bringing the examples of the extreme manifestations of the matter, but it’s not about that.

Being myself highly emotional, and experiencing those extremes almost casually, I have always kept in mind that being angry is not good. But is it? I mean, if you’re inclined to have more emotional reactions as well as experiencing aggression, you might have the clear distinction of what harmony or tranquility is. And if you tend to expect more or even the most, it might mean that you are capable of seeing a matter in its superiority, in its excellence and trying more or even better to reach those than the others. In that case, I feel, you often might be well-prepared for arguments and debates to any concerning issue. These are not bad, I guess. During my last relationship I began contributing to arguments’ appearance so he would end up debating or discussing issues instead of corresponding or avoiding arguments. Supposedly, very soon I ended up with a break-up, but it’s not about that… Conformity and emotional balance are incredible, really, those are goals I would be happy to achieve one day psychologically.  However,  here I would like to put, to share one of my beliefs – being sensitive is Good. And by the end of this post, I state this as surely as I would state that one should not consider emotions as weakness:

It’s all about dominating, using and enjoying those.


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