When Angels Deserve To Die…


1998 – ∞


This is Vahe. Muradyan Vahe. Vahe is dead. He is not that dead – when you grow old and die of old age – when you know that death is coming and it’s okay ’cause you’ve lived your life. No he is not that dead.

This is Vahe. Vahe was killed. 17 days ago on January 11 Vahe was stabbed in heart. 42 days ago on December 17 Vahe turned 18. It was his last birthday.

This is Vahe. Vahe was one of the treasures of Tumo. Vahe created startup Marimba with Abel Ghazinyan. Together they created 5 games which are available at Google Play. “Well, we started in 11th grade. Before that Vahe had created some games. There was a game competition at Tumo, so Vahe said “C’mon, I’ll teach you the stuff, let’s participate.” So we started the work…” says Abel. First game that boys created was Niva which has more than 250000 downloads. Later, in summer, 16 year old Vahe and Abel created Polygon minimalist game which has more than 2500 downloads on Google Play. They received work invitation from Tumo. They started to work on Spacecraft – a fantastic game that won the Open Game 2015 award for Best Technical Solution. Then boys created Ornament Smash game as a New Year present. And later Get’n’Go which won the best game award… “I’ve learned so much from him… He was the one doing most of the job…” says Abel.


This is Vahe. Vahe and Abel were invited to share their journey story at HIVE Engineering Leadership Summit 2015. They were presenting their games Polygon and Spacecraft. Vahe was learning programming all by on his own and after completing some of Tumo’s workshops he perfected his skills so brilliantly that was able to create entire games. To me this is fantastic, because I sometimes ask fellow CS students at AUA “Can you create a game or a cartoon?” and they say that whoah, no, they are not that good enough yet. After their presentation, Raffi Krikorian stood up and said “This is actually the future in lot of ways… The brilliance of what was going on here is that learning is not about learning something particular. Learning is about learning how to learn.” Vahe was indeed the future…Their Marimba was a potentially great project that had a brilliant future. But Vahe is dead. So is Marimba. After Vahe’s death Abel left Tumo.

Vahe looking happily at his best friend Vahe Petrosyan playing Spacecraft


This is Vahe. During his 18 years on Earth, Vahe reached more than most of people reach during their whole lives. A unique genius. And not only. He had also a beautiful personality, a kind, nice, respectful gentleman. Loss of Vahe is a loss of whole Armenia, loss of the whole world, a great loss. Because Vahe could have been anything,could have reached lots of success, could have been a great innovator of new era. And now he’s gone…

This is Vahe. The knife that killed Vahe also killed his parents, sister, whole family, his true friends, people who didn’t even know him until the tragedy, but who share the pain and basically everyone who loved him and most importantly, still loves him. To the question “why did you do that?” murderer answered “we just didn’t understand each other”. He did not understand Vahe. Do you understand Vahe?

Don’t you cry when angels deserve to die…


To know Vahe better have a look at

&   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWeEGKq4vtY




5 thoughts on “When Angels Deserve To Die…

  1. Amazing article in respect for him. I am close friends with his sister and she has every reason to be proud of what he has left behind ❤


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