25 Years later



The movie “The Line” did not yet manage to lose the interest of audience all around Armenia and outside of it, as the second part of it “The Line 2: 25 Years Later” aired on 27th of January, on the 25th anniversary of Armenian army.  The movies’ director is Mher Mkrtchyan, the nephew of legendary Armenian actor Mher Mkrtchyan. Both the first and the second parts of the movies had a talented cast. Tears of the audience leaving the hall are the proof of great actors’ work, who were able to transform all the emotions from hatred to pity, from excitement to anxiety and even more. Lyrics to the monumental soundtrack were written by Honored Artist of Armenia Avet Barseghyan, combined with beautiful music by Arthur Grigoryan. There was one single soundtrack for two movies, interpreted differently by Arthur Grigoryan for first movie, and by Razmik Amyan for the second one.

Moving to the to personal impressions I think that the second movie should never be filmed if it is not going to be at least as good( if not better) as the first one. While on my way to the cinema, I was trying to convince myself that “The line 2” will be somewhat less than the first one from the aspect of acting and scenario, which was obvious from the trailer. But I was honestly not expecting to seat there the whole movie without shedding a single tear and trying to persuade myself to cry, while the first movie left me in flood of tears. This time, the only factor which made me anxious at least, was the fact that I personally was the witness of April war. While I was not even born during the first war of Artsakh, the first movie was much more spectacular, than the second one which was practically about the nightmare each of us went through 10 months ago. Don’t get me wrong, not that it was too bad, it was still great but more about the further life events of the previous movie’s heroes. It was representing the cruel reality of Armenian inner games, played by former warriors, who now rob the country leading it to collapse. But, lets agree, that when April war began, no one was actually thinking about the mistakes of our government. All we were doing was praying and worrying, packing stuff for soldiers on the borders, giving blood for victims, being attentive to every information from the line. Man were heading to the border. Even Diaspora stood up as one for peace in Artsakh. However, I did not manage to see the actual war, worry, pain, hatred in this second movie. It did not force me to thoroughly feel the pain of the wound which is still so fresh and open. It did not represent the glorification of our Army, which, despite the flows, is the most brave and honored one in the world.

Even though for me “The Line 2: 25 Years Later” did not outstrip “The Line”, it is still impossible to calm down the emotions about the soldiers standing on the border while we are watching an outstanding movie about their acts of bravery.


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