After months of terrible climate when winter refused to quit, it was -10 in the streets, and many layers of warm clothing just made us look like polar bears, the idea of enjoying warming rays of the sun, green palms and blue oceans/seas seem a beautiful dream to us, right? But what if the dream becomes reality by making plans for the upcoming summer and gathering information about the most extraordinary beaches all over the world. Agree? Then keep on reading, because three of the most extraordinary beaches are here.

You know that the beach is the place where you will truly rest, turn off the world, and be one with nature. All over the world beaches have very different appearances and each one is uniquely awesome and eye catching. However, there are several beaches that stand out among others, because they have extraordinary features.

So, let’s start exploring them.

1.Glittering Star Beach in Vaadhoo Island, Maldives

Glittering Star Beach is located in Vaadhoo Island, Maldives, which has a population of 500 people. The uniqueness of this beach is the Lingulodinium polyhedron which is a bioluminescent phytoplankton. Due to the massive numbers of phytoplankton, the beach becomes navy blue and sparkling. The small organisms emit light when are lapped by waves, creating a network of glittering stars. The most interesting thing about the phytoplankton is that they can never be seen individually, but gathered together they become sparkling light on sand. Must go place, right?


2. Maho Beach in Saint Martin Island

If you desire to find a summer destination that is a source of fun and wild rhythms, then you should go to Maho Beach on the Saint Martin island. The unusual thing about this beach is the extremely low-flying airplanes. The reason for it is the Princess Julianna airport that is located near to the Maho beach and has only a 2180 meter runaway. Imagine how short it is. For smooth landing, airplanes fly as close to the runway as possible. That is why tourists spot airplanes right over their heads and sometimes they can even be flown into the water because of the jet blast. Extreme lovers will definitely like this place.

3. Glass Beach in Fort Bag, California

In the early 20th century, people were throwing their garbage into the ocean in Fort Brag, which of course contained glass as well. Throughout time, the area of Fort Brag became a public refuse hip and the government of the US closed it. That was after nature did its work. The thing is that over several years waves cleaned the beach and the discarded glass washed back onto the shore. Rubbish transformed into small sparkling colorful glasses and the beach had become one of the most desired places for both locals and tourists. Another example of how nature managed to correct a mistake made long ago by people.


Now you know several unusual beaches on the planet. So, start saving money and do not forget to take your camera. Winter is coming to its end.


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