Do We Ever Really Forget?

Is it possible to never forget the negative information we get? Or do we never forget positive information? I believe that we tend to remember either very negative and stressful or very exciting and positive information. According to Sigmund Freud, we very often simply push back negative information into the subconscious?  Even though Freud maintained that idea, it is the kind of question to which there is no one real answer. How does it happen that we quickly forget certain things and never forget some others? I think it depends on the conditions something happens and the emotions it causes. Depending on these two factors (conditions and emotions related to events) we sometimes remember certain things and at other times the same thing cannot be recalled. It is also difficult to say whether we will recall certain events that seem to be forgotten permanently. According to Freud, everything is stored in the subconscious and when time comes, under certain circumstances when we experience very strong emotions, we “take out” some pieces of information from our subconscious level.  A lot of psychologists believe that forgetting or remembering things is also related to the kind of memory, which can be short-term, long-term  or ‘associative’ memory. “Associative” memory works together with the events it is associated with.

Author: Qnarik Voskanyan


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