Dreams – Illusion or Reality?


We, as young people, are often quite impressionable. We are sensitive to whatever goes on around us and we tend to overdo everything: overreact, overthink, overanalyze, you name it. Our conscious mind is always struggling to make sense of everything, and this can actually influence our subconscious mind. Sigmund Freud, the founding father of psychoanalysis, gave his patients cocaine during therapy in order to find out about their subconscious. My suggested method of finding out about the subconscious is through dream interpretation, which is less illegal and possible less fun, but it is quite fascinating.

Dreams are basically stories that we see once we are in the comfort of our beds, and through dreams, our subconscious speaks out. Dreams can tell a perfectly reasonable story and they may also be utterly confusing. Many experts believe that dreams help us solve problems in our lives, they help us process whatever happened to us, the emotions and the memories. They help us make sense of certain things and sometimes, the subconscious tells you what you want through your dreams. Interpreting dreams is not a hard task, I feel like every one of us will be able to do it, particularly because it’s so much fun finding out what everything means. For starters, I like to keep a dream journal by my bed. When I wake up from a dream that left a particular impression on me, I quickly write down all the details I remember so that I won’t forget them later when I attempt to make sense of the dream. Next, I pick out the symbols that I believe the dream was about, so anything out of the ordinary or just any interesting symbol. And finally, I try to understand what they might mean. I do this often through the use of this online dream interpreter, or sometimes I even like to understand and analyze by myself, though the help of my experiences.

I believe that dreams can tell you so much about who you are and what you want, and it is absolutely fascinating that we can see clear pictures and stories when we are asleep.


-Sinara Isoyan


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