Drink Water and be Healthy

Water is the most significant thing that people use in their life. Scientists have approved that people can’t survive without water more than 3 days. Some people do not understand the importance of water. Many of us prefer to drink soft drinks instead of water. So, in this post I will try to show the importance of using water instead of soft drinks. Our body is mostly composed of about 80% water. Drinking water will help our body in the process of metabolism, whereas other drinks can’t do that.


Using soft drinks people can be lead to obesity because the latter type of drinks contain more sugar. Using water is very important, and people must replace high calorie filled drinks by it. It will help our body to do metabolism as soft drinks do so it will help to burn more calories. Moreover, using right quantity of water will pump your blood more excellently. And water helps our blood transport nutrients to our cells.

Secondly many people who are going to gyms prefer so called power drinks, proteins instead of water. This kind of drinks contain chemicals which is bad for our health. Drinking water will avoid muscle restricting and connects muscle cells without hurting our organism. Furthermore, water will help to nourish our skin. Drinking water will pull up skin cells and will help you look more younger.

Author: Gevorg Atanesyan





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