Esports or Cybersport


Video games. An invention which put smiles on faces of millions. Although they all have different genres like Horror, Action, Shooter, Puzzle, Platform they all basically have the same purpose: To entertain, compete with your friends and to relax. In this blog-post I would like to talk about competitive gaming, its origins and its fame among the gamers. Competition existed from the first day when the video games were born. It took a form of friends racing on who will score the best. But in 1980 Atari held the first video game competition, the Space Invaders Tournament. The tournament attracted around 10.000 people and that was the first root of Esport. 1990: competitive gaming was becoming more popular day by day with the help of gaming consols like Nintendo and Blockbusters sponsoring the first esport championships. in 1990 PC gave the Esports a new breath and it was on the PC where the first Esports championships were taking place. 1997’s Red Annihilation tournament for the first person shooter (FPS) “Quake” is widely considered to have been the first real instance of Esports drawing over 2,000 participants. The winner received a Ferrari previously owned by John Carmack, lead developer for “Quake.” It eventually developed into the Esports which we are familiar with. It developed into being recognised as type of sport. The statistics shown under will represent the image into what it growed.


Nowadays Counter Strike Global Offensive, League of Legends and Dota are the most popular games where the professionals compete. Most commonly the teams are made of five players they have their team name and even a couch who is giving professional advises before, after and even during the game. The Championships have grown to the level that the global eSports market generated US $325 million of revenue in 2015 and made $493 million in 2016; the global eSports audience in 2015 was 226 million people. The League of Legends World Championship is the annual professional League of Legends world championship tournament hosted by Riot Games  and is the culmination of each season. The first World Championship was held in 2011 at DreamHack Winter 2011 and was won by Fnatic. Teams compete for the champion title, the 70 pounds (32 kg) Summoner’s Cup, and a US$1,000,000 champion prize. In 2016, the finals were watched by 43 million people, with a peak concurrent viewership of 14.7 million viewers, breaking 2015’s finals’ viewer records.The total cumulative daily unique impressions (the amount of unique viewers that tuned in every day via online and television channels) reached 396 millions. lol-world-championship-highlights1280-1446852934029_large.jpg

If you are good at playing a specific type of competitive gaming you have team and you think your gaming skills are high enough to beat other players like you then give a shot and try to participate in Esports Championships. Who knows maybe you and you’re the team are next winners of 1.000.000$ prize championship.


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