Proud to be Armenian

January 28, 2017. Army Day. 25th anniversary of the formation of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia. The day I first saw the movie “The Line” (“Կյանք ու կռիվ”), which left a great impression on me.

This movie 1485642420_1475342657_the-lineis dedicated to the memory of heroes who died for the liberation of Artsakh. The movie is about human values, friendship, love, and patriotism. The main heroes of the film are four 25-year-old friends, whose friendship began at school. Their fates are different, but the story is the same: Karabakh war, around which develops the main events. The movie shows the heroes of our time, who risks their life for our homeland, our independence, and peace. From the fate of the heroes we can see independent Armenia 25 years ago, and today.

This is really a movie of great importance for Armenians. It not only shows part of our history to the world but also one more time reminds us of our brave soldiers, who are always, at every second ready to give their life for Armenia, for each of us. This movie motivated me to wrote this post expressing my respect and pride to our soldiers. Let all of us thanks to them for who they are, for their life and just for all they do. They are always in our prayers. So, let just be proud of who we are, where we live. Be proud to be Armenian and live in our homeland, Armenia.


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