The Human of New York

It is the role of the journalist to tell a story and it is often the role of the photographer to capture those stories in a single photo. Combining photography and journalism, photographer and blogger Brandon Stanton is telling the extraordinary ordinary stories of millions of people every day. The book, the blog and the social media pages named “Humans of New York” feature the portraits along with the stories of strangers Stanton meets on the streets. What started as merely a young man’s passion of photography turned out to be one of the most influential projects of the 21st century and spread around the world. As of January 2017, around 18 million people read the stories of the humans of New York only on Facebook.

Stanton is powerful as a journalist, as he earns the trust of people every day, getting them to tell him their biggest fears, disappointments, struggles and pleasures. It cannot be easy to approach strangers every day and ask them not to only take their photos, as the project was originally supposed to be, but to also tell their stories. What is powerful about the project, is the idea that every story of every human matters. Millions of people got to tell their stories and another million was able to relate to these humans. The project became philanthropic and it is a pleasing thought that people started to care just a little bit more. These results are because of one human…The human of New York.


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