The Line 2: 25 Years Later


While the recent TV premiere of the movie “The Line” by Mher Mkrtchyan becomes one of the most discussed topics in the facebook now, the second part of it, named “The Line 2” impresses its audience on the stages of movie theaters. Recently, I happened to be in one of the sessions in Moscow Theatre and the first thing that grabbed my attention was the number of people waiting for their turns to enter the hall. This, in fact, proves that the first part of the movie was successful, therefore, the people wanted to see the continuation of the director’s job. Referring to the second part of the movie, it was not as influential and touching as the previous one, yet, it is important to notice that the staff did a decent job here as well. As compared to the first part, here the main plot was based on the post-war era, where the real heroes of the war remain unnoticed, while others become corrupt officials, who talk about noble patriotic ideas around the table. Overall, the tears of the audience leaving the halls tell that the staff of the movie managed to excite its audience and create a really good Armenian movie.


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