After the 45th presidential elections, the 70-year-old Donald Trump became the next president of US. President Trump lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton by about 2.9 million votes, but that did not change anything. Donald Trump’s presidency became sensational not only because of that but also because of his wife Melania who keeps entertaining us with her appearance and speeches.

The First Lady Melania who has Slavonic routes is the 3rd wife of President Trump and a mother of their only child Barron. She is known to be the very first First Lady of the US to be born in the post-Soviet Union Country: Slovenia. Although, as a First Lady Melania’s routes contradict with her husband’s attitude toward immigrants, when marrying her Trump did not worry about it that much. Melania Trump is also known to be the first First Lady having a public nude photoshoot for the French men’s magazine.


Having a background of a television personality, President Trump himself has a very loud and cynical appearance to the public and is not less scandalous than his wife. The amount of memes and gossips that have been created around the Trump family during such a short period promise us that “The Trump Adventures” will continue entertaining us for such a long time.


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