The Standards of Beauty Around the World

Nowadays beauty has a very significant role in the lives of women around the world. Their self-confidence, feelings and the chances to success mostly depend on their looks. The girls starve in order to be beautiful, but here comes the question – what is considered to be beautiful? The answers to this question may vary among different people. However, the internet and the new scientific technologies have made our world a smaller place and that is why sometimes the notion of beauty is the same almost for everyone. The girls mostly look pretty when they have a small nose, thick lips, dense lashes and dark eyebrows. However, there are some places around the world where the beauty is not the same as I have described.   I would like to talk about beauty standards around the world in order to show you how you have to look there in order to be considered as beautiful.

  1. Burma and Thailand While talking about the beauty the most of the people may firstly think about beautiful eyes or body, but the people of these countries do not belong to these kinds of people.  What they focus on are the necks of the girls.  The longer the neck of the girl the prettier she has to be considered. From the young age the girls wear special accessories with rings in order to make their necks higher. Every year the amount of these rings are being added. Thus, if you are going to visit these countries put the emphasis on your necks.00001219_medium
  2. China, Japan Here the pale skin is appreciated. The pale skin of girls in these countries is the sign of beauty and attractiveness.  Unlike the girls of Europe and America who are having tan in the summer in order to darken their skin colors, the girls here avoid the sun.  This means that you are planning to go one of these countries, avoid going to seaside before your journey.


  3. New Zealand If you are a lover of tattoos then this country is for you. Here the face tattoos are a sign of beauty.  The women are most likely to be considered beautiful when they have fully dark blue lips and a tattoo under it.


  4. Mauritania If you are a lover of food and hater of diets, then you have to be here at least once in your life. Unlike the other parts of the world where the thinness is a part of beauty, Western Africans see the beauty among the overweight girls. It seems that the girls here were born lucky, because they do not have to be on harsh diets to look beautiful.

    These are just particular places of the world where beauty is treated differently. Although beauty is very important nowadays, keep in mind that there also exist other values of life.  Just be beautiful inside, and automatically you’ll also look beautiful for your surroundings.



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