What is Anstoragir?!


Anstoragir initially started as a blog on Tumblr where young individuals could share anything they wanted without any limitations including photos, stories, thoughts, and ideas. The main purpose of the blog was to encourage freedom of speech among youth and provide them a platform where they could express themselves freely. Soon the blog gained popularity, and Anstoragir became something more than just a blog. Lucy Bichakchyan, the founder of Anstoragir, decided to make it a youth organization which would give young unprofessionals a professional experience in diverse fields of media.

Today Anstoragir is already a media production company working in various areas of media including marketing, PR, photography, editing and so on. Now it is cooperating with different companies, brands and other private individuals who need any media content.

Moreover, Anstoragir currently has several other projects as Elegant Murackan, Taqstoc, Sev Katu and all of them actively operate independently.

Elegant Murackan is mainly a fashion blog which regularly cooperates with different brands and individuals who are interested in fashion and lifestyle.

Taqstoc is a private club, cafe, and a library where people can hide from everyday hustle and enjoy their time alone or with a group of friends in a warm atmosphere.

Sev Katu is the youngest project of Anstoragir, and it’s primarily focused on music. It’s a musical project and also a platform for young and talented musicians.


Asntoragir has gone a long journey from being a blog on Tumblr to being a youth organization, and now it’s a popular media production company which keeps getting better and better. And this is only the beginning. One thing for sure, you will hear the name of this company a lot in the nearest future.                                 

P.S. Anstoragir Loves You. 


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