What is Going on With the World?

Donald Trump, a hateful and racist man, was elected as President of the U.S. even after a year of speaking about revenge, hate, and war.


-Blek Le Rat 


Trump has banned Muslims from seven different countries the entry to America (even to Green Card holders). 

One of these countries are retaliating by banning Americans into their countries.


Armenia is about to witness its most complicated voting sessions.


People are hating each other because they are not the same.

We hate Muslims and black people because they are different and believe in a god that we don’t.


– Kaws



Syria has been at war for seven years.

Iraq and Palestine have yet to recover from what has been done.


Brussels was attacked.


Nice was attacked.


Lebanon. Spain. Netherlands. Pakistan. Tunisia. Libya. Turkey. Egypt. Uganda. Nigeria. Australia. India. Israel. Australia. Denmark. All attacked.


– Banksy


All that blood spill.

All that hate.

What for?


For future benefits?

For our own selfish reasons (whatever that may be)?


– Shepard Fairey



Where did we go wrong?

How did the human race ever go from two people living in peace to being so full of hate and disgust that we can no longer live together without violence?


What is wrong with the world?


– Banksy



People are out on the streets.

Protesting. Yelling. Demanding.   




– Shepard Fairey 






– AptArt “We see you with our hearts. So look at us with your eyes.”  

What is going on?  


– Banksy 







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