Happy families are often made up of loyalty, respect and, of course, love. Love is what brings couples together for marriage. It is not a surprising thing that married couples wear wedding rings as an indicator and proof of marriage. This tradition has ancient roots. It is considered that the first wedding rings were found in Egypt dating back to 6000 years. Egyptians perceived the circle as an image of endlessness, and the ring served to imply the endless love between the couple. However, men started to wear wedding rings more during the World War II, as it reminded them of their families.


The wedding ring is worn on the fourth finger of the hand. The reason is antique faith that there is a vein stroke straight from that finger to the heart which is called ‘vena amoris’ or ‘vein of love’. So if the wedding band is supposed to symbolize love and the fourth finger is directly connected to the heart, I wondered why we can’t notice a bright golden ring on Prince William’s finger. Some thought that this might be because of a possible divorce; however that rumor is not true, so the question is why doesn’t the prince of the royal family wear a wedding band?


The answer is very simple it is not his style and what is more exciting he is not the only representative of the imperial family who does not wear a wedding band. Nearly all male monarchs wear a wedding band with the exception of Prince William and Prince Philip his grandfather. Palace officials launched the announcement that William wouldn’t wear a ring because of his “personal preference.” For instance Prince Charles wears his wedding ring, but he didn’t have a happy marriage, moreover he went through a scandalous divorce. What we can’t say about Prince Phillip, who is happy in his marriage with the Queen but hasn’t been seen wearing a band for 69 years.



So the issue here is not about marriage but style. We often forget that even the royal family members have personalities similar to ours. They have sense of style, they are human beings and they are a family. So, let’s hope that wearing no rings will not affect the image of marriages and happy families.


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