Women’s March 2017

The elections in the USA in 2017 were so controversial that they were followed by many vital events. Seems like all the people are against the president who was elected in the result of the voting, but there is this question: Why did they vote for him if the majority does not see him as US president and as their ruler. Almost every day we can see famous celebrities post pictures or quotes that criticize and mock the president. In this way they want to be heard and to be able to challenge others to participate in the rallies which are to fight for their rights, to express their opinion and to show the power they are given.

Women’s March was one of the essential events taken place in the USA recently. It showed women’s power, their ability to change people’s minds, to motivate others struggle for their rights. The march was against president Trump, who once mentioned that he does not like when women become successful in any sphere, that they may be ‘winners’; so this shows his leaning to sexism. The term is mainly defined as discrimination against women. In his speech Trump said “I think that putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing.” By this he revealed himself as, firstly, a human being, and then as a leader of a huge country such as US.

Trump’s mentality is not well-comprehended by many Americans – both men and women. His projects do not seem beneficial for everyone living in the country. His speech, his words are so drastic and rough that there is an opinion he would not be able to fully take the responsibility of ruling the country, of improving it, of maintaining the status and development that it already has due to the previous president.US-VOTE-TRUMP


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