How to find International Programs for Students who like to travel [fully funded]

Recently, my friends were asking me how I find fully funded international programs all the time, so here we go:

1.apyAll you need is to follow the right pages on social media and mail subscriptions. Find and follow on social media non-governmental organizations(NGO) pages that offer programs to students. One of such pages is Armenian Progressive Youth(APY) NGO. This page is always sharing various short and long term programs, and if you become a volunteer there, you can go to more programs via their organization. Be careful not to pay them for subscription to their organization, if you want just become a volunteer there 🙂 Also, join there various groups where they announce about new programs.

2. 12967316_210958779283423_6213429697589682707_o

Luysi Ashkharh is another NGO that shares various programs. I am not familiar with their activities but I think their programs are also fully funded, and most probably Erasmus + projects.  is a platform that connects students all over the world ( Do not be confused with the name; you do not need to be a regular participant of MUN. The programs are not MUN conferences (but of course they have it too). You can share your ideas there, follow other fellow members, read useful articles, etc. But the most exciting feature of their website is their mail subscription. You just sign up, and from time to time you get emails about fully funded programs, conferences, workshops, etc. The best things about this site is that it does not spam its members with unnecessary emails. It seems they just send you what you need. Actually, due to this platform, I am going to Norway for ten days to participate in Isfit Student Festival for free. It includes accommodation, food, travel costs, even covers transportation in the city. BTW Isfit is organized every two years so that you can apply for 2019 festival. It has an exciting program: fun workshops and project days, one day off, one ski day, and cultural programs every evening:  concerts, theater performances, etc. Only traveling from your country to Norway is not covered, but fortunately, there is a financial aid opportunity, so as you can guess I got one.


4. erasmus_logo It has many programs from short period workshops to monthly or yearly durational programs. This platform has a lot of programs, so for more information just go Unfortunately, you cannot apply to the short term programs through their website, however, by following NGO’s or universities that offer Erasmus+ programs, you will be able to apply. APY also offers Erasmus + programs. One of the Erasmus + exciting programs is EVS which duration is from 2 months to 1-2 year. It is again fully funded, but you  volunteering service or social work is a must. As far as I have noticed, EVS programs are usually from 6-12 months, volunteering work is either social media marketing, PR, journalism, work with children or that kind of stuff. The one thing you should know about Erasmus + projects is that you should buy the plane tickets beforehand, and then during or after the program, they reimburse you. For Armenia, it covers max 360 euros. For traveling to some countries it can be more, but recently it was 360 euros. If you go via organization (e.g., APY) they take about 30% from the amount, so it is left 252 euros for your tickets. However, if you buy tickets early, you can fit in this range. Recently, APY mentions that the ticket costs are covered up to 70%, so you can see how much you should spend on your travel. Usually, Erasmus + workshops are having participants representing certain NGO-s, so it is better if you are part of the organization (volunteer or intern), or apply via their organization. I am blessed to say, that I took part in Erasmus + workshop. I went to Sweden for ten days via APY because I won in their video contest.


5.grobspkl  I guess you all heard of But first, let me explain. …
They added a new feature that you can add your subscription preferences and get weekly updates. Before this new feature, they were spamming me with all the programs they had, but after this new update, I have found some cool programs, that are of my interest. The only disadvantage of Armacad is that you cannot choose your school program preference (undergraduate, Masters, Ph.D.), not all programs are fully funded or have financial aid opportunities. So I will suggest you to see if you are eligible for the program (age limit, country, school program), what it covers, and then decide if you want to apply or not.


6.usg-seal.png It cannot be easier than this. You just subscribe to their mailbox or check the announcements page from time to time to see new exciting programs. US Embassy offers great programs for students such as UGRAD(one semester abroad), SUSI(one month in the USA), etc. All the programs are fully-funded in its fullest form, and even some of them give pocket money. The US Embassy in Armenia, also, organizes movies screenings, seminars, etc., so you can be active in this form too.


7. 10991244_10155258907520338_1587008608972346077_n AIESEC is another awesome NGO that organizes social programs and offers a lot of opportunities abroad. You can follow their Facebook page and group to get updates about the programs. AIESEC programs are great if you have money but not enough for travelling by yourself. They cover everything except airplane tickets, so if you have enough money to cover travel costs then you can easily apply through this organization.

I hope this article will help you to find right programs for you, and good luck on your endeavors to start free international journeys.


Arpine Kirakosyan


2 thoughts on “How to find International Programs for Students who like to travel [fully funded]

  1. Arpine jan, Thank you dear! Your article is very helpful and detailed. Wish you a nice and unforgettable trip. P.S. Happy to be one of the people always asking you about these programs 😀

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