Things to do in Michigan

Michigan is the most beautiful state in the US and also one of the best places for the tourists. It is surrounded by four lakes, which make the entertainment even more fun. Michigan consists of two parts: Upper Peninsula and Lower Peninsula. These two parts are connected by a beautiful bridge called Mackinac. Though the cities located in Lower Peninsula are very modern, for example Lansing or Grand Rapids, Upper Peninsula is what makes Michigan state unique. Once you start your trip to UP, the adventures start. First of all you are going to have to cross the Mackinac Bridge, which, besides being very attractive by its design, but also the feelings one has while crossing it. The ground has a few metal nets, so the people on the bridge can have a look to the lakes the bridge is constructed on. Next thing that attracts the visitors is the shopping in the stores of UP. UP is also full of Seafood Restaurants, where the visitors enjoy the meals that are only made in MI. Your destination of UP should be the platform of the ships, where one can travel anywhere by crossing Lake Michigan. Because of the four lakes, summer time is very convenient for you, as you can try every kind of water activities. However, winter is also awesome: you can ski down from the high mountains, skate or play hockey.  So if you really wonder what to do in the state of Michigan just have a look on my article and pack your bags!!!


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