Unanswered Questions


Recently, the only questions that comes and worries me is why and who. I ask myself why my people in our country are unhappy. Why are people thinking only about how to earn money and take care of their children? Why my people unlike so many people in other countries, do not think of where to spend holidays, and what exotic places to visit? Why we always struggle in life… These are questions that make my heart feel pain.

I cannot bear anymore that so many people go from our country: a country, which is saved due to many lives of our ancestors. They fought for our fortune; they gave their lives for us to live peacefully and hopefully. Every day I hear that life in Armenia is extremely difficult because people cannot live a proper life. I do not blame people who leave because I am not guaranteed that one day I will not be forced to that, even though I do not want to. But there is one thing that tortures my soul more. I feel myself a traitor with a strong feeling of guilty toward her ancestors. I suffer from the idea that maybe one day I will be forced to go from my country leaving all the memories and shadows of people who died for my happiness. I cannot see some are extremely rich, some are extremely poor. Some have the right for everything; some do not have even over their lives. I wonder who distributed this misbalance and inequality, and who sowed the seeds of sorrow, which made our lives so different from others.

With hope toward future and with all these questions in my mind I ask you: my dear reader; just why and who…



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