American Media Against Trump

US media have announced a war to the 45th US president Donald Trump. Since his victory in the elections, the war acquired not covered and aggressive character. Most of all I am struck by the fact that virtually all American media have forgotten the basic principles of journalism – objectivity, impartiality and reliability of the facts. I understand that they can not love the president, does not agree with his political line and position, but criticism should not become a wash of all the dirty laundry in public and overt misrepresentation. Whatever did or did not say the president, the American press tries to present in the very negative, and often indecent form. At the same time, journalists do not disdain the dirtiest methods. I do not consider myself a fan of Donald Trump, and very often does not agree with what he says or does, but an aggressive campaign launched against him in the media disgusts me. Emotions should not prevent a journalist from professionally performing their duties. And what is happening now in the American press is very far away from professional journalism. For example, the situation with the bust of Martin L. King. US media rushed to report that Trump put it away from the Oval Office, referring to his racist views. Meanwhile, it revealed that the bust stood in its place, and continues to stand. And Trump did not change its paced. And such examples are many. Whatever says or writes the current US president is inadequately perceived by the press. It seems that if Trump declares that milk is white, all journalists will argue that it is not white, and say, that it is yellow or ivory, and only “racist” Trump will say it is white.


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