I enjoy watching movies a lot and if there is nothing else to do I can watch many of them without stopping. There is one French movie which immediately became one of my favorites after I saw it.  The name of the movie is Angel-A. There are three things why I like this movie; the interesting story, my favorite French actor Jamel Debbouze and the girl with him who is very attractive.

I will say that the movie is very meaningful and entreating at the same time. Jamel Debbouze (Andre in the movie) is a guy that is always in troubles. The reason of his troubles is because he always lies to everyone around and even to himself. He borrowed huge amounts of money from dangerous people and he constantly lies them to cancel the “deadlines” for paying the money back.  Once he gets disgusted from his lifestyle and decides to make a suicide by throwing him from the bridge. And here he meets a girl who tells Andre, that she wants to do the same thing as Andre. The girl throws herself from the bridge and Andre goes after her, in order to save the girl. The girl thanks Andre and tells that after that case she will do everything what Andre would want her to.  Andre and the girl start to get the money which he borrowed from others and eventually they get it by different ways. During the development of the story, one thing that was very interesting and unexpected was the fact that the girl was an angel that was sent from the heaven with a certain mission to help Andre and to make him to get in to the right path. The girl succeeds doing this, she helps Andre to find his true character and not to lie everyone like a coward, but even in the case of danger to tell the truth, because in other case he will always be in trouble. Besides the fact that the movie was a fantasy it has very important lesson in it, from which many people may get a lifelong lesson.

Stepanyan Tigan


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