Breaking stereotypes through laughing.

Recently, on the internet, I came across a man named Maz Jobrani. He is also known as Persian Pink Panther. Maz is an Iranian-American comedian and actor, mainly known for his role in a comedy tour “Axis of Evil.”

Maz Jobrani is also famous for his stand-ups. His jokes focus on race and the misunderstanding of Middle Easterners in the USA. Jobrani believes that jokes can break stereotypes, which are fundamental pillars for racism.

Maybe Maz is not trying to change the world or influence people to believe in something, but he is doing a great job. Whether it’s in his stand-up special “I Come In Peace,” or the book he wrote, “I’m Not A Terrorist” that gives real insight at the same time telling his hilarious stories from on the road.

In order to form the tongue-in-cheekly comedy tour named “Axis of Evil,” Maz Jobrani teams up with three other Middle Eastern guys – Ahmed Ahmed (Egyptian-American), Aron Kader and Dean Obeidallah (Palestinian-Americans). During an interview with Maz, a journalist asks him a question

-With nearly a decade in the business, do you think that people are getting the message?

-I’ll tell you a great example. When we did the Axis of Evil Comedy Tour, it premiered on Comedy Central in 2007, and we were online getting all kinds of links to chatrooms and comments and all this stuff. We all got emails from a few people – there’s one lady who made a point of saying I’m a military wife and I saw the special and thank you for doing it because it’s a perspective that I don’t get to see all the time.

I think the world needs more people like Maz Jobrani to make it a better place.

You can check one of Maz Jobrani’s Ted talks here:

-Robert Voskanyan



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