It’s finished. I just finished playing Half Life 3. One of the most amazing games. I was waiting to play it for so long. Now I just want to find another bestselling game with the help of everyone’s beloved internet. I looked up some videos on YouTube to find the best next game for me, but the only types of videos that I could find were the videos like “Bestselling games of all time” or “Best games of 2016”. I was disappointed. I don’t want to buy games based on some YouTubers’ opinion, neither do I want to buy bestselling but OLD games. Such as “Tetris” which is the most sold game of all time, it sold 135 million copies as of 2015. Fun fact the pieces which the player controls in the game “Tetris” are called “Tetriminos.” The word tetrimino means a geometric shape composed of four squares, connected orthogonally, which are basically the shapes in the game “Tetris.” Back to the subject, as I was saying I neither want to buy old but bestselling games nor games which are good for some YouTubers’.

In fact, what I want is to see the amount of sales each game has. If I see that the game is selling well I will understand that it is popular and probably good. Because if the game is bad it can’t become a bestseller. Or so I thought!

I continued my search by going into Steam. In Steam I clicked on the category “Top Sellers” which I thought would be helpful, I thought that I would find some answers there. I opened it up and there it was, the list of bestselling games as of right now!


This was not the full list, obviously, these were top 13 bestselling games. The list was a bit messy, I wasn’t expecting this. There were a bunch of games which were not supposed to be on this list. Surely there were some games which were supposed to be there, games like “GTA”, “Rocket League” and “CSGO” which are great games and got positive reviews from the critics. There were also discounted games like “ARK: Survival Evolved” and “Deus Ex: Mankind Divided” which obviously made it there because they are on sale. Lastly, there were games which were just out of place there. Number one game, for example, which is “Conan Exiles” is not a good game. In fact, only 66% of user reviews are good, which means that it has mixed reviews and it is dubitably a good game. Yet it made its way to the top charts, how?

The only answer that I can come up with, the only logical answer it seems, is that the game is very new. It is still in the Early access stage, which means it is not yet finished. If it’s not finished, then critics can’t review the game yet. So, people are just blindly buying the game and are ending up not liking it in the process. This means that this list is more useless then the videos on YouTube. Is there a way to actually find a bestseller GOOD game…?

Wait, I can sort the list by user reviews. Maybe there is still hope…


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