Happy Birthday, Legend!

Today is a very special day for me. You would probably wonder why and you would probably guess something from the title.  Fine, calm down guys it’s not my birthday. Don’t let the word “legend” baffle you. This time it’s not about me. Today it is all about him, the god of the football, the legend, an absolute genius and just a great man, the one and only: Cristiano Ronaldo. 32 years ago, on February the 5th in Santo Antonio, Portugal was born the 4th child of Aveiru family who would 32 years later be compared to the greatest from all the great people ever born on this planet, Alexander the Great himself. It seems funny to compare a king with a football player, but hey, don’t we call Ronaldo the king?  Okay, this was not a valid argument so let me explain the “king staff”.

First of all, I think everybody knows that some months before his death, at the age of 33 Alexander the Great was in a very bad condition, he even broke down in tears in front of everyone and the reason was not the coming death or wounds on his body. He had everything and there was nothing left to conquer anymore and that is what the great king was crying for. Here you can see the similarity between Ronaldo and Alexander. During his 32 years of triumphal life, Cristiano basically took everything and I am not talking about his 49 girlfriends, (but how he managed? wt*) no. He won literally every trophy existing in football with two different football clubs and he is the only player who did it. Cristiano also managed to win all possible individual trophies and not just for once. In 2016, when he was 31 years old (lots of players end their professional careers in this age) Ronaldo won “the Champions League with Madrid, the Euro 2016 trophy with Portugal and at least 16 different individual awards including a fourth career Ballon d’Or and the first ever The Best FIFA Men’s Player trophy.” as it is mentioned in LaLiga’s official page. The source also notices: “As he turns 32 on Feb. 5, Ronaldo’s eyes may now look east just as Alexander’s did about 2,300 years ago. The 2018 World Cup in Russia provides the opportunity for the Portugal captain to fill the last vacant space in his personal museum on his home island of Madeira.”. Let’s hope this will happen in 2018 and a totally new page will be written in football history by brightening already perfect career. As for 2017, I hope 32 years old will once again prove that what I wrote about him here are only facts and the truth.

Before that, he celebrates his birthday with his family and enjoys his weekend off from football as today Real’s game with Celta Vigo was postponed because of a storm.


I am more than sure his first game at the age of 32 will be just as amazing as his every game and fans will have as much pleasure as we are having every time he touches the ball, cuz it is pure magic.

Cannot believe? Here is something for you!


Is he even a human?


Ohh! This one is so breathtaking. I am no more able to think or write, so I am going to search more of this magic and enjoy it right now. Hope you’ll do the same.


Gyulnara Hambardzumyan


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