Humans of Yerevan: Voldemar


It is not the buildings, the movement, the cafés which make the city. It is the people who make the city. One of these people who make Yerevan the Yerevan we know, is Voldemar, the 79-year-old man. You can see him in the streets, in the art galleries and during concerts. He is basically everywhere, where art is. Voldemar walks around the city and starts conversation with people. He may stop randomly and talk about life, art, music and even present a rose to a beautiful lady. Voldemar may start talking to a smoking old lady and suggest her a cookie instead of a cigarette.


He is one the human symbols of Yerevan. You can always see a plastic bag in his trembling hands. He has a very beautiful white beard and extremely deep beautiful eyes which reflect his kindness. Voldemar is always seen humming some French chanson song, in many cases Charles Aznavour. Due to chanson, he is in love with Paris. It has been his greatest dream to go to Paris which he has been unable to do because of financial status. However, it is not a dream anymore. Thanks to many generous people, Voldemar is in Paris now fulfilling his lifetime dream.

-Susanna Ghazoyan


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