Living Alone 101

I’ve been living alone for almost three years and I’ve definitely become more responsible and independent but like everything in life, living alone has its good sides and bad sides.

I enjoy the freedom that comes with living alone, for example I can go out or come back whenever I want, I can throw a house party every weekend (for some reason I don’t) and I can make my own decisions in everything else, I know that my parents trust me enough to let me live alone and that’s why I never take advantage of their trust in me. As much as it’s great to live alone, it comes along with challenges and the hardest one is the responsibility, I come home every day and instead of immediately eating or studying I wash the dishes and clean the house, after that I don’t usually have enough energy (or knowledge) to cook properly so I either eat pasta or order fast food. It took me a few weeks to understand that no one is going to do anything for me so I have to do everything on my own, the laundry, cleaning the house, paying the bills on time, etc. It’s also important to keep in mind that living alone can get pretty lonely sometimes and I miss having my family around. But overall, I think life alone is only as good as it gets, it doesn’t only take a lot of responsibility but also a lot of courage and if you ever start getting used to living alone, you will love the independence of it the most.


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