Mr. Potato Head

Cars, dolls, lego, transformers, weebles… The list of toys is endless. They are loved by children, and sadly or gladly, sometimes even by adults.Toy ads are all over the media today. Being one of the most demanded items the diversity of toys grows day by day. But before toys became common, it was challenging to get them to the media. So let’s take a loot at how exactly this flow of toy ads started and what was the first toy advertised on TV?

In 1949, a man named George Head came up with the idea to create a toy for children of all ages. In 1962, thanks to Hasbro company, Mr. Potato Head was already on the screens of thousands of watchers introducing himself as the first toy being advertised in the US.

At first, the colorful plastic parts of Mr. Potato Head sold so children could stick them into a real potato or any other vegetable. The parts included ears, eyes, a nose, and a mouth. Mr. Potato Head was sold in packages of 1 or 2 dollars. However, real vegetables became rotten after some time. Later in 1964, a new plastic version of Mr. Potato Head appeared in a shape of potato with additional glamorous parts like hats, clothes, mustaches, cars. Over the years, Mrs. Potato with all girlish accessories joined Ms. Potato, and they together became the most beloved toys of the US children. In 1998 even a show called Mr. Potato Head aired, with only one season being broadcasted.

In the first year of Mr. Potato’s distribution over 2.000.000 pieces of the toy was sold. While over past 60 years the number of sold Mr. Potato Heads reached to 100.000.000.





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