Our negative influence on Forests

Forests are our main sources of life. The oxygen which we acquire from the trees is a vital component needed to survive. We live in a century where cities are overly crowded with cars and gases which would have killed us so far, if we wouldn’t have rich forests supplying us the much needed oxygen. It is also important to mention that forests provide us with various products needed for our everyday life. In those there are – toilet paper, chewing gum, tables, magazines, hair dye, medicine, chocolate and this list may continue forever.

Let us take a look at the medical sphere and how it evolves with the help of valuable components attained from trees. Is there anyone who has not heard of aspirin in his life? I doubt that. Natural aspirin has several components which can only be obtained from trees. It’s maybe the most used medicine worldwide. Who would think that chewing gum would be made from components available in sapodilla trees? By mythology, Greeks used to chew mastic gum to clean their teeth and refresh their breath which was obtained from mastic trees. Hair dye and skin lotions are things that women use every day for their beauty and appearance. Another example is chocolate. High quality chocolate is made from the cacao trees which are a native tree of the Amazons. Alcohols like cologne and solvents are also produced from liquids available in trees.

We cannot imagine our lives without forests. They are also a natural habitat for most animals. Though we understand our dependence on forests, we are cutting them down and are allowing them to disappear. (Why?) The answer is very simple – resources. We chop trees for wood needed to supply heat in our houses during winter. We take down forests to make furniture. We raze valuable oxygen sources to attain other needed resources. It is basically, recourse for a resource exchange. But is this worth it? I guess we live in a century of technological advancements and renovations and soon, hopefully, we will have other ways to supply heat or every other recourse needed for our everyday life. With the substantial raise of machines and technologies, our atmosphere is overly bleary and dirty and now we need forests more than ever before. It is also important to know that by razing forests, we also destroy valuable soil, which will take thousands of years of effort to make usable again for agriculture.

One of the rules of the American “nuclear family” remains to plant a tree. Why? Because it is a source of life, just as we humans are.



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