Remnants of an Ancient Continent Found Under Mauritius

A research team supervised by University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa, discovered remnants of an ancient enormous continent beneath Mauritius which existed over 200 million years ago. The team was examining Zircon (mineral) which was found in the rocks of the Island after volcano eruptions when they suddenly came across the unbelievable discovery. The remnants of the crust turned out to be much older than Mauritius. According to Professor Lewis Ashwal, the rocks of the Mauritius Island are almost 9 million years old. While, after the examination Zircons were found to be 3 billion years old.



It is known that Gondwanaland continent that covered the huge part of the Earth 200 million years ago was split into several continents – Africa, Antarctica, South America, India and Australia. Professor Lewis Ashwal believes that this separation also resulted in the formation of many different-size continents in the Indian Ocean which however are not discovered. He says that those were drifting while the Indian Ocean was evolving. Ashwal denies the ideas that those were brought to the Island either by wind or tides based on fact that Zircons were found in rocks. 


Luiza Vardanyan




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