Soldiers Of Odin

They call themselves Soldiers Of Odin. Black jackets with viking logos on the back and exclusive bravery are their only armor. Motivated by chivalrous enthusiasm, these gentlemen in Finland go on migrant patrols at nights, protecting their wives, girlfriends and children from immigrants who behave disrespectfully toward them.


Having lost absolutely all hope in their irresponsible government, which shows no serious and strict attitude toward immigrants, these Finnish gentlemen decided to take actions on their own. They simply walk by the streets and report to police of any illegal, forceful, life–threatening, rude and disrespectful deeds that immigrants make.


Their appearance is as absolutely astonishing as their movement. White skin, light hair and handsome physiognomy – everything indicating the viking blood that burns inside these Finnish men. A glance is enough to feel the strong Scandinavian spirit coming from Sons Of Odin. They are real Vikings.


Sons Of Odin is now an international anti-immigrant movement. In many countries people united and created their own Soldiers of Odin, because if European governments do not bother caring for their own people, then, Sons Of Odin will ensure their security.


Absolutely unfairly, Soldiers Of Odin are usually labelled as “racists”, “nazists” and any other “-ists”. Undoubtedly, it is harder for people to understand, than for Soldiers Of Odin to explain that just because they have dignity and want their women to be respected does not make them racists.

Soldiers Of Odin are great. Grand deficit of real men in modern world makes Soldiers Of Odin a unique and valuable phenomenon of 21st century. Unable to name them appropriately – some people call them racists, because it is always easier to say that a person is racist rather than admit that he has dignity – a quality unknown to most of people.

Let’s have a look at Misho. Misho is not a fish. Just because Misho was born in an aquarium, that does not make Misho a fish. Even if Misho was born in Pacific Ocean, Misho would still not be a fish. Just because Mashok says that Misho is not a fish, Mashok is not a racist – just like Misho is not a fish. Instead of calling Soldiers Of Odin and Mashok racists, Misho could just go back to his country and live happily. Guess what? Misho does so! Because Misho is a nice and clever mouse, Misho respects other fishes, their ethnicity and is thankful for the residence that fishes gave him temporarily. Misho is not ashamed of his nationality. Misho goes back and lives happily with other Mishos. Fishos are happy. So are Mishos.





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