Have you ever felt like you are doing something wrong? Everyone does that at least once in his or her lives. So did I. Every day I woke up doing the same things. Every day. I thought I am going crazy. One day I did a small sketch and it dawned on me. Why am I not drawing more often? After that, drawing became the essential part of my life.  I drew more and more and after six months, I felt the progress. I started designing different characters and learning ways to make the CGI versions of them. I continued, until…When I was a kid, I always watched Disney cartoons. They were my most favorite ones. Once, I opened an article on Walt Disney and my life changed forever. During my childhood, we did not have the Internet, so I never looked him up. When I did, I understood what missed in my life. The purpose. Walter Elias Disney, born on December 5, 1901, had never actually imagined what is life is going to be. When he decided to go to an art school, they told him he lacks in imagination. Several times, he failed while making his cartoons; however, he became the father of motion picture movies. He was the father of animation. He was the man behind Mickey Mouse. If he started with just a mouse, isn’t that life changing and amazing what can go through a mind of a single human being? Disney is the one who gives hope and inspires many young talents. I hope in future I will be so honored to complete my own mission, taking notes what that incredible human being has done.


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