It is interesting how thoughts can be exposed. The first way that we can let people know about our thoughts is by our tongue. It is important to be careful about what kind of words we speak, because our words will expose what’s in our mind. As an example of this is that when a person ends up yelling at someone using disrespectful words, it means that there is a root about that action, and that person had bad or hateful thoughts which led to that action. The second secret that tells about our thoughts is our body language. Body language can tell us if a person hates us or loves us. If a person rejects us, then it is obvious that he or she hates us or doesn’t like us that much. If a person smiles at us, or wants to hug us, or wants to talk to us or be around us, it definitely means that they like us. As we see, thoughts can be disclosed in many ways, so if we watch other people’s actions or words carefully, it will be easy for us to know about the way they think. Also, even if people choose to be silent and be careful about what they speak, their body language can’t be silent and it will reveal what’s in their mind.


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