Utopia in a basement

I’m a person who loves partying, good music and games. I’ve been living in Yerevan for four and a half years now, and only last summer I found the place that has those three element; The Venue.


The Venue is a pub/bar located on the intersection of Moskovyan and Baghramyan streets. I visited this place for the first time in summer 2016, and I have to admit I was in a shock. There were two of my favorite games beer pong and foosball, people were dancing and the music was great. I became a regular at The Venue ever since, I went/still go there every weekend.


After a while I came to the realization that The Venue wasn’t just a pub for me, it is the place where I meet people from different cultural backgrounds. Armenians from all over the world, who came to discover their motherland. Being a diaspora Armenian myself, I had a hard time adapting to the lifestyle in Armenia. The music is what brings people together at The Venue it starts with rock classics, to pop songs and ends with Armenian folk songs. The Venue gave me the space and the opportunity to breath, socialize with people over a beer and have fun. It is basically my safe haven to run from the reality for couple of hours, and walk into utopia located in a basement.

– Houry Pilibbossian


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