Valentine’s day is near

Til_570xn-413593998_rnrbhe Valentine’s day is almost around the corner. Most of the boys are freaking what to get for their girlfriend. The true is that when it comes to Valentine’s Day, it is literally 0% about the gift and a hundred percent about the thought behind it. For instance, if a girl has always wanted to read a particular book, it would be a great gift to give her birthday because it’s something that she really would like. However, it’s the worst gift you could probably give someone on Valen
tine’s Day because you don’t have to get something that is too unique to that person. On Valentine’s Day, you should give something symbolic that would show your love. As a girl, we want something sweet and cute that would show how much you care and how to create you are. Boys think that as much the present is big or expensive as it is better but actually no. We don’t want a dress or expensive jewelry from you. So here are some ideas what to give a girl on Lover’s Day.
It is typical, but girls have a weakness on flowers. So, don’t think too long and give roses or peonies. We girls love different types of candies. So, Valentine’s Day themed candies is another excellent idea. What I think is important is when it comes Valentine’s Day if you want to make girl’s heart beat faster you can put a personal touch on the present. The best way to do that is to write something for her. Putting your handwriting and thoughts on paper would make the girl know how much you tried to be unique for her.
As I have already mentioned your gift is not necessary to be expensive. It just has to be something that you put your time and effort into. So, be creative and find your gift which will show your true love because Valentine’s Day is near.


-Ani Martirosyan


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