Wanna Lose Weight Without Starving? This is for You!

Although throughout centuries standards of beauty were different in various cultures, our century dictates certain standards that are common for most nations. Thus, a huge number of women around the world dream about clean skin, curvy shape, and huge lips. However, besides models and celebrities who look perfect on the screen of TVs and covers of magazines, in reality, women are quite different. A great number of females around the world experience physical and mental hardships while going through the process of creating a perfect body. With the help of unhealthy diets, over-exercising and even drugs and pills, women try to achieve the highest norms of an attractive body. While these ways of fast weight loss may bring wishful results, they are effective for a short period of time and can cause a number of disorders. Frustrations such as anorexia and bulimia, bad hair/nails/skin, are effects of quick weight loss.

Mentioning negative sides of losing weight too quickly does not mean saying that being in a good shape is not necessary. It is important to balance the weight of a body, because obesity can cause a heart attack, diabet or even death.

Now that you know the truth about both being oversized and losing weight speedily, it is time to move to the next part of the information. How to lose weight in an effective and balanced way?
Here are a few pieces of advice from my personal experience that hopefully will help you !

1. Stop Counting Calories: Problem of the most people who try to lose weight is that they depend too much on calories. However, research shows that counting calories do not give a full image of which food is healthy and dietetic. If you want to balance your mental and physical health, the best way is to avoid focusing on numbers that weighing scales or calorie tables show.

2. Trust Your Body: This is one of the most important lessons that I have learned in the process of dieting. Your body knows what is good for you! Although there are plenty of diet plans that are developed to help people, I suggest that one needs a personal regime! The secret is that different organisms can react to the same food in a particular way. For example, one person can get thinner by drinking water, while for another organism water is a source of gaining weight. Thus, you need to construct your  individual schedule of dieting!

3. Do not deprive yourself of favorite meals: If your organism needs a certain food instantaneously, you can sometimes feel free to break your schedule of eating. In my opinion, it is better to ocasionally take a bite of chocolate than to think about holding back throughout the whole day.

4. Over-exercising can lead to negative effects: Timing matters! If you do not want to gain the lost kilograms again, it is important to understand that unbalanced training is sufficient for a short period of time. The most direct way to achieve the wishful conclusion is to start exercising in a minimum amount, then, after getting used to inforcement, increase the pressure.

Those were the tips that I believe would help you in the process of constructing the body of your dreams. One more time, while taking care of physical appeareance, do not forget about your mental health as well!

By Sona Azatyan


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