When Airports Feel Like Home..


In these boring days of endless talks about politics and snowy weather, there is one thing that keeps me motivated. My dream is to travel the world.

Every morning after my phone buzzes and I anxiously hit it to stop I know two things. Firstly, this is another day starting from my bedroom and ending in my bedroom again. And secondly, this damn phone is on the snooze and will buzz again in a few minutes, so I better hurry with all my thinking and get up not to hear that sound again. As the day goes by, in the tiny minutes of doing nothing or getting distracted from the lectures, all I do is I plan my future trips, imagine me in different cities, the outfits I’ll wear, the strangers I will meet, the photos I will take.

Something makes me so excited about the air I will breathe across the world. Air has a smell. Every city has its smell and by arriving at different airports I have always felt the smell in the air. That is my first impression and by that I already know if this city is my soulmate or just an interesting destination full of adventures.

Yes, a city can be a soulmate. I think I’ve found my soulmate last summer when I landed at Gatwick Airport in London and breathed the air of typical London fog and rain i have always imagined. During those magical two weeks of endless rain and mystical buildings, foxes runing down the streets, Harry Potter world and the taste of butterbeer, fish and chips in the corner of Tower bridge surrounded by doves, shops and brands, luxury and intelligence, I realized this is the city I should have been born in. Aristocracy and richness of those buildings and addictive British accent and style make the variety of people and cultures so unite that at one point I was not even surprised by the Indian vivid outfits, the beauty of black women, the clubbing Fridays of drunk and drugged youth, the transgender community and even the squirrels on the trees. Right at moments like that you realize how limited and monotonous life in Yerevan actually is. No matter how much I adore my city, it is impossible not to notice that there is no diversity in it and the people wanting freedom are actually the most dependent ones, because your whole outfit does not have to scream “I am free” for you to be free. Everything is for show off and others’ eyes.

Traveling makes people humble. When you see how small you and your problems are in the swirling and whirling and constantly developing world, you know how much you can learn from each and every person because everyone lives a life like you do and has his own perspectives and beliefs, which cannot be wrong for as long as your perspectives are right, theirs are as well. You stop living for others as you realize that your life is worth much more than your fancy Instagram pictures and “expensive” stuff you bought when it was finally under a sale of 80%.

I still want to travel to places I haven’t been to and try national food of every country, see the history expressed in the eyes of natives and get engaged with other religions. I want to travel to get better, to get passionate about what I love, as i strongly believe there is something in every country i have been and will be to that will change me upside-down. I want to travel to find pieces of me scattered all around the world.


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