Why is Armenia’s demographic changing? Have you counted the total population of Armenia in the last 10 years. It is diminishing in a high rate. So, what is the reason behind this decline of population? According to a research, as of January 1, 2016 Armenia’s permanent population consisted of 2,998,600 people of which 1,907,000 lived in urban areas, whereas 1,091,600 did live in rural communities (tert.am). The demographic decrease emerges not only in Yerevan but in marzes (Armenia’s administrative divisions) as well. The major reason behind the issue is poverty levels: Armenia’s citizens see that one who would like to live a luxurious life is to have about 568,369 AMD income per person, a favorable lifestyle requires 250,672 AMDs, meanwhile to live a modest life a person should earn at least 95,680 AMDs per month (armstat.am,2015). Take a look at young Armenians; 27 % of our students tend to leave the country unless they find a job. Some portion of current students recognized they could not find a job that was similar to their field of interest (Sargsyan,2017,news.am). How can a person survive in Armenia with 95000 AMDs if he has to pay electricity, water, telephone bills and amass money for both education and healthcare at the same time? The government should take responsibilities for those people who represent an extreme case of poverty in the country that would offer housing, education free of charge, and provide healthcare to those individuals. This is a possible solution to these people’s problems who are in a constant threaten of surviving in their motherland. Reference Մաս 4. Հայաստան. Աղքատության սուբյեկտիվ գնահատականը 2015թ.-ին Retrieved from http://www.armstat.am/file/article/poverty_2016a_5.pdf Հրապարակվել է ՀՀ մշտական բնակչության թիվը` 2016-ի հունվարի 1-ի դրությամբ Retrieved from http://www.tert.am/am/news/2016/04/29/population/2005537 Over 20 % of Armenian students to leave Armenia unless the find a job they want Retrieved from https://news.am/eng/news/370455.html


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