Believe it or not but women motorcycling history began along with men. Women started motorcycling at the times when motorcycles were just bicycles with engines. It was at the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. When motorcycling was much cheaper than driving, many families who could not afford cars, used motorcycles instead and women adapted to that not any later than men.

The first known women riders in the US who had the courage to accomplish a motorcycle ride across the country were Van Buren sisters: Augusta and Adeline. On July 4th, 1916 in only 61 days Burens rode from New York, NY to San Francisco, CA. Sisters rode over 5500 miles at the times when a lot of men were not even risking to take a state to state ride. Burens were among the first people in the world who performed a motorcycling journey from coast to coast.


Women riders had a demand at the times of World War II. The war contributed to the increase in the number of women who started motorcycling. Therefore after the war more women got involved in such sports and riding competitions along with men. The Harley Davidson motorcycle brand since 1921 started to include women in riding competitions not only as passengers but as solo riders, because of their growing interest and demand for motorcycles.


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