Ever thought of jailbreaking your iPhone?

Apple is a company known for its nearly perfect devices. “People love their iphones!” says the CEO of the company, Tim Cook. And yes, indeed, we do. We love buying a product that can do its job for years. We love the idea of using a device, not thinking about it getting outdated after a couple of years.


Another thing we love about our iPhones and iPads is the operating system called iOS. iOS is the most advanced operating system in the industry these days. The engineers at Apple are working their butts off, in order to deliver a good synergy between the hardware and software of the devices created by them. A very few phones can offer such a outstanding performance as an iPhone can do. The latest version of iOS is iOS 10, which is the best OS Apple has ever came up with.

Now, the vast majority of the Apple customers are extremely happy with the functionality provided by iOS 10. Nevertheless, there are people, like me, and maybe you, who tend to ask for more.

Jailbreaking helps us a lot.

To give a little background, jailbreaking in general is a means of expanding the functionality of a given iOS device. It originates back from the ages of the first ever iPhone. By jailbreaking you are gaining more control over the OS, customizing it to fit your need.

It is important to know, that Apple itself is against jailbreaking. They bring as a justification the idea of jailbreak being harmful. On the other hand, as many people see it, Apple is not willing to give the power of customizing devices to the owners.

Last week a tool for jailbreaking the latest version of iOS 10 was published, giving a chance to jailbreak their devices to everyone. With this blogpost I want to inform the readers about the potential of jailbreaking and come up with some strong reasons to do so.

First is the dark theme. (My personal favorite)

A jailbreak tweak called Noctus allows a user to enable a dark themed mode, which is a long-expected feature.

Next reason is the ability of speeding up the animations, or completely getting rid of them. This feature is very helpful in terms of saving time and nerves.

Last but not least is the capability of customizing the whole springboard of the device, installing various themes that change the app icons, and give a fresh look to the device.

I can go on with listing the positive outcomes of jailbreaking, but a person willing to change his or her experience with an Apple device should at least be already considering jailbreaking.


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