Hi ! I exist.



I like “challenging” my mind. I always mint various activities for her so that she does not get bored or tired. Everywhere I go, I always make her find something new in that very territory; be it a shop, a new signboard, a park and so forth. I believe that as long as someone is exploring his/her surroundings and is looking for changes, he/she will definitely notice little things in life and connect the dots between old and new. From the very first day of my life, I am living in a place where I was born, and it is already 19 years that I am taking the exact same roads for my everyday activities, however exploring the same routines and surroundings never ever bore me. A city is just like a baby; watching its “growth” and development is always delightful.When a baby changes his/her environment, he/she needs time and efforts in order to adapt to a new atmosphere; the same process applies to inanimate buildings as well. The only difference is that buildings are not the ones who try to adjust to a place where they are constructed. Instead, we, the people help them to be accepted by the society via noticing and considering their existence. If we encourage the changes and improvements taking place around us like we encourage the first steps and accomplishments of a child, we will belong to a place filled with warmth and love.The roads and scenes will not be boring anymore.

– Mariam Khachatryan


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