The Importance of Fathers in Children’s Future Development


Many people believe that in children’s life a mother has much more roles and activities than a father because fathers always work and they do not have enough free time to be more with their children as compared to mothers who are always with them. Of course, these responsibilities of parents matter a lot, however who says that even if fathers work all day long cannot still manage to educate their children and share the process of upbringing with their wives equally? Who says that mothers are much more effective nurtures than fathers? Why it is so widespread among many people, that the only role of fathers is the financial support and nothing else? These are questions that almost all people face a lot in the everyday life and this is more than a concern. This is a serious problem. This will continue to be a serious problem unless people and more particularly men realize the importance of fathers’ physical and psychological support in their children’s healthy development.

According to a well-known sociologist, Dr. David Popenoe, fathers have indirect and direct influences on their children. The indirect influence that Popenoe called is the quality of the relationship with the mother of their children. As Popenoe mentioned a father who has a good relationship with the mother of their children is very likely to find much more time to spend with his children, and hence to have children with more physical and psychological balance. Those fathers are usually more responsive, more caring and involved in his children’s development. Popenoe thought that if a father treats his wife well, respect her, and deal with any kind of issue in an appropriate manner, than consequently his children and more particularly boys will know how to treat women, and how to solve problems in a civilized and normal way. In addition girls will shape their perception of a good man, which lessens the possibility to be involved in violent and unhealthy relationships in the future.

happy family child baby girl in arms of his father

Fathers also influence on their children’s physiological development. Children, who communicate with their fathers more often, face little depression, boys have less behavior problems at schools and girls have higher self-esteem. Usually children, who started from birth have a strong interaction with their fathers are emotionally secured; they are much more confident and have a strong desire of observation of the surroundings. A number of studies showed that children whose fathers are playful, nurturing and integrated in their children’s social life, have higher IQs, with better linguistic and cognitive capabilities. In addition, those children usually have better verbal and quantitative skills, intellectual functioning, and have higher academic successes.


It is easier to blame women when their children are physically and psychologically imbalanced, however before putting blame on women, people should know that the role of fathers are as essential as mothers’, and that children are completely happy when their both parents involve in their lives and social developement.





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