More than 1.2 million Tourists Visited Armenia in 2016

Tatev Monastery in Syuniq Region, Armenia

According to National Statistical Service of the Republic of Armenia 1.259.657 tourists visited Armenia in January-December time span of 2016. The number is 5.7% more than for the same time period of 2015. The survey was held by using the methodology of World Tourism Organisation (WTO). According to WTO,  all the visitors who arrive in the territory of a country for the purpose other than earning money and stay more than a day are concidered tourists. Most visitors for 2016 were from Russia followed by Iran, USA and EU member states. The higtest flows of visitors were registered during the last quarter of the year.

The number of outbound tourists from Armenia for 2016 is 1.262.687 tourists, with the majority leaving for Russia, Georgia, EU countries and USA.


For comparison according to Georgia National Tourism Administration 6.350.825 international arrivals visited Georgia in 2016, which  is 7.6% more than in 2015.  The greatest number of tourists came from Azerbaijan (1,523,075, an increase of 9.3%), followed by Armenia (1,496,246, an increase of 1.9%) and Turkey (1,254,089 – a decreased of 9.9% from last year). 1,037,564 Russian tourists visited Georgia in 2016.

Even though Armenian governement announced tourism as a key branch for its economy, the developement of tourism sector and the statistical growth is growing very slow.

Davit Manukyan





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