A Little Mozart of Modern Times

Alma Deutscher, 6-year-old girl, who in her young age has skilfully played the piano, violin, improvising and composing her own music. Now, she is almost 12 and among the works written by her are sonatas, concerts and neither more nor less two operas. 

Alma says that the music comes to her when she is resting, thinking about fairies and princesses, and sometimes even when she sleeps.This is truly a wonderful combination of talent and harmony.


Popularity came to Alma in 2012, when Stephen Fry compared a girl with Mozart in his Twitter.


Nowadays Alma gets an education at home, spent many hours by playing and composing, but at the same time, she loves to play with her favorite purple skipping rope and have a dream of a golden chariot.

The young pianist, violinist, and composer also spend a lot of time on improvement of her works- absolutely as an adult and professional musician.

However probably only because of such an alliance of mental maturity and childish immediacy are born such ingenious people, like Alma Deutscher.

Just listen and feel the emotions that Alma puts into violin concerto of her own composition, which she performed with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra.

Indeed, the geniuses are among us!


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