Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia: Which has the most trustful media?

According to the Caucasus Research Resource Centers (CRRC) 2013 survey, Armenia has the highest percentage of fully distrust country’s Media while Azerbaijan ranks the first place for trusting Media among Armenia and Georgia.

For all of the above-mentioned countries “neither trust nor distrust” category is the most voted. More than half of Georgians belong to this group. Armenia and Azerbaijan have the same result around 14% in “somewhat distrust” category. Armenia also has an equal index with Georgia. In “somewhat trust” category the percentage coincided accounting for 23.


Interestingly, Azerbaijani people believe their countries’ Media more than Armenians and Georgians do. The 32% of the respondents said that they “somewhat trust” news. This is almost more by 10% comparing to the neighbor countries. Again, Azerbaijan is the first for “fully trusting” Media. The eight percents of the Azerbaijani respondents rated their Media as trustworthy while Armenia and Georgia recorded three and two percent respectively.

Azerbaijan seems the most corrupted country compared with Armenia and Georgia. The events occurring in Azerbaijan (for example reporters as political prisoners) and the results of Transparency International related to corruption prove the corrupted infrastructure of that country. It is impossible for Media to isolate from the reality and spread information impartially. Moreover, the unbiased coverage of Media is likely to eliminate the corrupted system of Azerbaijan. The results of the CRRC’s survey regarded to trusting the Media are quite controversial. The peoples’ answers do not correspond to the reality, or vice versa reflect the situation completely. The high percentage of trust country’s Media among Azerbaijani people might be because of fear to express their distrust. Another option is that the nation trusts the work of Media. However, the reason for believing Media’s coverage can be because of absence questioning the information’s validity.


Mane Davtyan


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