“Caravane des dix mots” or “The Ten Words Caravan”

“Caravane des dix mots”is a cultural project concerning sharing the French language and the Francophonie all around the world. “The Ten Words Caravan” was born in Lyon in 2003, at the initiative of Thierry Auzer, director of the Théâtre des Asphodèles. Associated with the organization of the Week of the French Language and the Francophonie in Rhone-Alpes, event driven by the Ministry of Culture, he decides to meet the inhabitants of the region, together with director Eric Guirado, To question them about the meaning they give to “ten words” of the French language proposed in the framework of the week. An approach that is accompanied in 2004 by artistic workshops that make it possible to trigger the expression of people in various creative forms.

From 2005 onwards, the project is being internationalized with ten-word Caravans in Senegal, Poland and Aosta Valley (Italy). In 2006, projects also took place in Switzerland, Belgium, Romania, Madagascar, Morocco and Quebec. Francophone artists and citizens from 10 countries met that year in Bucharest and Lyon for the 1st International Forum of Ten-Caravans. Since then, each year, around thirty artistic teams, present on five continents, organize a Caravan of Ten Words project in their respective territories and help to show the richness of French-speaking cultural and linguistic diversity.

The French NGO Philanthropic Association which works on “Caravane des dix mots” in Armenia is SPFA, has clubs all over Armenia. It was created in April 1990, following the terrible earthquake of December 1988. Their cultural, social and development actions have been developed for more than 20 years in Armenia.

caravane_10motsSo, I myself took part in 2013 project of “Ten Words Caravan” and a lot of fun exploring the language itself. I have been speaking French for 8 years now and I’m just in love with it. Basically, the participants, which don’t know any French are given 10 French words and are asked what they think they mean, so they can associate them with literally anything, so then the associations are being recorded and the best ones turn into ateliers and little projects on itself. Then a thirteen-minute film is being created out of it.

2013 “Ten Words Caravan Video” 

I’ve met a lot of talented people at SPFA and I’ve made a lot friends there especially during the project.

“Ten Words Caravan” 

Diane Jakob



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